Pay per Click (PPC) advertising can often be a daunting prospect for businesses getting into eCommerce, with a lot of potential pitfalls along the way. With 10 years of experience in providing solutions to eCommerce problems, we at eTailThis have seen clients experiment with practically every kind of technique when it comes to PPC, and we know that there are some strategies which will pay dividends in practically every case.

Today, we’ve brought you a collection of some of these tried and tested techniques, specifically those which are incredibly easy to implement. If you start using these methods in your PPC marketing, you’ll see an improved clickthrough and conversion rate while drastically improving your cost per acquisition.


Basic additions to improve your business’ PPC

The 5 suggestions for boosting your PPC success that we at eTailThis have put together here range from completely simple choices to solutions which require a bit more thought to implement. Whether you’re starting out in PPC or just want to make sure that you’re not missing something in your eCommerce strategy, our 5 tips can help anyone improve their return on investment with PPC.


1: Use Remarketing options for your eCommerce

Remarketing is a truly vital tool when it comes to PPC, and it’s one which very few people know about! At eTailThis we’ve seen a lot of people talking about adverts which seem to be everywhere online, assuming that they’re produced with a huge marketing budget.

These adverts show up again and again because of remarketing techniques- once a potential customer’s been on your site you can set up a remarketing campaign which shows them your ads more frequently, bringing them back to your business to make a purchase!


2: Advertise with Bing and Yahoo

Many eCommerce agencies make the vital mistake of believing that Google Adwords is the only option when it comes to online search marketing. While it’s true that Google leads the market, Bing is responsible almost 20% of online searches in the U.S, while Yahoo controls around an eighth of the market.

When you realise how the actual figures behind search engines look, you’ll realise that exclusively focussing on Google is essentially deciding to throw away almost 40% of their potential user base just for a bit of convenience! Set up campaigns with Yahoo and Bing and you’ll see a huge increase in sales and profits for your eCommerce business.


3: Add Extensions to your adverts

An advert doesn’t have to be limited to text or an image. By opting into using ad extensions, you can provide your potential customers with a whole list of information which will help them make their purchase or avoid your site (weirdly enough, this means an improved clickthrough rate, improving your ROI!).

Advert extensions can show everything from your business’ location to what the reviews say about you and your number of followers on Google Plus. All in all, there’s really no reason not to turn extensions on in practically any case- it costs nothing and can earn your eCommerce site extra conversions or an improved conversion rate.


4: Establish and target your audience

One factor from traditional marketing that’s often lost in the world of PPC is the necessity of targeting the right audience. Even if your advert shows up in every search for the products you offer, you may be losing out if you’re not analysing the data on your conversions. At eTailThis we’ve seen many cases where certain demographics just don’t connect with our client’s products, whether they’re located too far from your store or don’t want to buy at a certain time.

Analysing data lets you understand exactly how well your PPC adverts work with various audiences, and lets you adjust your advertising bid to maximise your conversions. Whether you drop bids by 90% in the hours when your shop isn’t open or bid extra to ensure that those living near you see your adverts, targeting the correct audience is always an important strategy.


5: Keep your ads up to date

Do you offer sales on your office supplies now and again? Regularly receiving new technology in your store? There’s no point in just leaving your sale out there for people to discover. Advertise the fact that you’ve got major deals running! Physical shops make sure to advertise the fact that they’re running big sales, and when it comes to PPC, it’s even easier to let people know about the deals that you’re offering.

Simply set up a new campaign advertising your best deals during your sales, and you’ll see an upswing of interest as people head to your site to get your great prices. Even if you’re not running a sale, keeping your adverts fresh is an important step in improving your PPC success. Remove adverts that just don’t work, and replace them with pieces advertising your latest products to attract even more potential business.