It’s often tempting to stick with what you know works, especially in the world of eCommerce, where frequent changes, huge lists of options and features can leave you wanting a secure source of income. Despite how complicated it can initially seem, experimenting with PPC strategies is an incredibly versatile way to improve your return on investment.

Pay per Click advertising is a vital part of any eCommerce strategy, letting you drive traffic direct to your website to improve your brand’s visibility while getting conversions and sales. Bidding for ad placements for search engines like Google and Bing lets you show up when people search for the products and services that you offer, letting you offer your services to the people you want to appeal to. Experimenting with your PPC strategy lets you get better conversion rates, reduce costs and explore new markets.

At eTailThis we have over a decade of experience in managing eCommerce websites, and as the providers of the only complete eCommerce package, we’ve got the experience to show you exactly when and where to begin experimenting with PPC. Our guide shows you how you can find new strategies which really work to improve your profits, from experimenting with new types of advert to using different ad delivery strategies.


The basics of PPC experimentation

With so many different ways to change up your PPC strategy, it can be hard to know where to begin, so we’ve put together a guide to help you decide where to focus at first. The most important step is working out where you want to improve your eCommerce site, and working out from there, and that’s exactly how we’ve set out this guide.

Improving conversion rate: If you’re seeing a large number of hits on your website but not enough visitors following through with purchases, it’s fairly simple to boost your rates by analysing exactly where your conversions come from. Is your site seeing visitors from an area you don’t deliver to? Use Geo Targeting to focus ads on those you can actually sell to. Are visitors getting the wrong impression about what your site offers? Build more relevant ads and landing pages to keep them interested.

Boosting visibility and overall conversions: For those looking to improve their place in the market by appealing to a wider audience, switching to a visibility based campaign can be very effective. By using Cost per View pricing you can show your ads to more people, building up a brand reputation. Remarketing is also a vital tool here, letting you show your ads to those who have previously checked your site, appealing to them so that they return to make a purchase.

Finding new markets: By running ads with a focus on different demographics and times, you can see exactly who is most likely to make a purchase through your eCommerce site. Set up different campaigns using bid adjustments to target certain sectors of the market and you’ll soon see where your products can be most successful, letting you adjust your strategy to appeal to new demographics.

Are you looking for Paid Search Marketing that achieves the goals you set? We at eTailThis can create a customised strategy for your business that focuses on the results you want. With our online marketing expertise there’s really no better choice on the market for your advertising.