Leading office supplies distributor VOW have just released their Marketing Guide for 2016, containing a whole host of information about how to make the best use of their wide range of supplies for your business. We at eTailThis have been through the 2016 VOW guide to marketing to find the most important changes, and put together some information about what they could mean for your business.

From the start, VOW have changed up their catalogue strategy, letting you produce a completely customised cover for your customers, giving them a catalogue which accurately shows what your company has to offer. A general redesign makes for improved convenience, highlighting products in a more understandable way to appeal to any potential customers.

Along with the main catalogue, VOW produces a number of different mailers, allowing you to send out catalogues directly connected to what your office supplies business offers, from facilities management to office furniture. The mailers have been redesigned in line with the main catalogue, offering clearer and more useful imagery while a bright design appeals to potential customers and a lightweight design saves you money on shipping.


Changes to Vow marketing for your office supplies business

Along with a whole set of changes to their physical marketing, VOW have also reworked their online catalogue strategy to give your office supplies reselling business a better set of equipment for sales. A new set of Digicat (digital catalogues) have been designed for total compatibility with all Apple and Android devices, letting you produce digital versions of the main VOW catalogue, the facilities supplies catalogue and both Q- Directories (catalogues advertising Q- CONNECT products).

These digital catalogues can help you improve sales significantly, letting customers order in a simple and convenient way, while a comprehensive analytics package provides your business with detailed data to help you improve sales and find out how your customers interact with your catalogue.

VOW’s myMarketing service gives your office supplies company a range of options for targeting potential customers, with a unique set of designed emails and PDFs covering a wide range of products to help you with targeted marketing. As well as the pre-existing lines of Q- Connect product fliers, deals sheets and diary mailers, VOW has introduced technology based marketing and seasonal campaigns with the 2016 marketing guide.

These mailers let you reach anyone who has signed up for emails from your site, giving you some great options when it comes to remarketing, always an important part of bringing previous customers right back to your site.

We definitely recommend checking out the VOW 2016 Marketing Guide to find out more about exactly how it can help you improve your business, whether you’re exclusively based online or have a retail office supplies store.