At eTailThis we’ve seen a lot of discussion about the idea that link building is something of a dead tool: Google claims to have significantly reduced the effect that external links to your site can have, but this doesn’t mean that link building is something to ignore in the slightest. A recent Moz survey found that 99.2% of all top ranking websites had an external link pointing to the website domain, while 77.8% of these results had external links direct to the individual page itself.

The Moz article concluded that pages which saw success without dedicated external links achieved their rankings as a result of the external links pointed to the website as a whole, with high ranking performance being highly correlated with the presence of an external link. In other words, link building is still a vital part of any SEO strategy.

At eTailThis, we’re dedicated to being the only company which offers a comprehensive eCommerce package, including everything from link building to dedicated content creators and PPC management. We know exactly how to get the best results from link building, and we’ve brought you this page to show you how to adjust your link building strategy to see the best results possible.


Modern Link building strategies for eCommerce

Link building is significantly more complicated than the name suggests. Google’s claim to have reduced the effectiveness of links is completely true in some areas – spamming links is a surefire way to sabotage your website’s rankings. The technology that modern search engines use is designed to penalise for non-contextual and excessive links on low ranking sites, making this former black hat SEO technique completely useless in the modern day.

This may mean that you have to take the time to delete links that negatively affect your site. If you don’t have a way to delete these links, you can use Google Webmaster Tools to disavow the links, entirely removing any effect that they may have (even for legitimate links that positively affect your ranking). Cleaning up present links is an essential first step in renovating your link building strategy to work with the latest search engine updates.

Once you’ve removed links with a bad effect, you can focus on creating high quality links using editorial content. Producing specially written, relevant and interesting content for high ranking external websites lets you improve your own search ranking without having to worry about negative penalties. The most important thing is to avoid the spammy, overselling content which so many people associate with link building, and create high quality content which appeals to legitimate websites.

Here at eTailThis we know exactly how to improve your company’s search engine position with a link building strategy. From the start, we’ll review and clean up your link profile, giving you a secure base for improvement. After that, we’ll locate high quality, relevant sites for linking, and create quality content that properly contextualises your links. You’ll quickly see an increase in domain authority, reducing paid search marketing costs while making your site far more visible.