With the world of online advertising constantly changing, you need to stay on top of the game to see the best possible return on investment for your online business, whether you’re working in a fast paced business like technology reselling or even something more sedate like office supplies distribution. Over the last few years, one of the biggest changes to the world of online advertising has been a drop in the success businesses have seen using Cost per Click (CPC) advertising on desktops.

For 11 business quarters in a row, Google has reported that the average cost per click has fallen, while the click through rate (CTR) is increasing. Essentially, this means that you’ll be paying less to get your advert into a prime position in search rankings, but may end up paying more overall and seeing higher profits as more customers end up seeing your adverts and clicking through to your site.

To understand why this has happened, you just need to look at the world of mobile advertising. As smartphone usage has grown hugely over the last few years, we’ve started to see mobile search become a serious force in the market, with the average cost per click for adverts rising over the years.

At eTailThis, we know how to stay on top of the latest changes to search engine advertising, you we’ve brought you this guide to the changes you may need to make to keep up with the rise of mobile advertising.


How recent changes to mobile advertising can affect your business

Before we get into the details you need about advertising for mobile, it’s absolutely vital that your website is built to work properly on mobile browsers. Accessing and using a site should never be difficult, regardless of the type of browser you use to view it. Despite this, many websites completely fail to provide a design which works for smartphone users.

There’s absolutely no point in not updating your website to accommodate for mobile users. A vast section of the market uses mobile browsing, and will simply not use a website which isn’t convenient. Cutting off a huge section of your potential market is just as bad a move as it sounds, and there’s absolutely no reason to do it.

Fortunately, creating a site which works on any kind of browser doesn’t have to be difficult. Creating a responsively designed website means that the elements of your site will automatically adjust themselves to fit any size of browser. Whether your potential customers are browsing from mobile or from desktops, they’ll be able to get the same experience, making them more likely to click through to making a purchase.

The eTailThis eCommerce solution gives you a site that works perfectly no matter how your customers access it, giving them a level of convenience that will result in improved purchases. You’ll be able to target an ever increasing market without any additional effort on your part, with your site futureproofed for any new devices that go on sale.