There’s no two ways around it: people don’t have a positive view of Youtube advertising, with many describing it as intrusive, annoying and unwanted. No matter how good your adverts are, you won’t see a huge amount of success with standard Youtube advertising unless you know exactly how to use it. At eTailThis we’ve put together this guide to help you decide whether Google video advertising options are worth it for your business, and to help you make the best adverts possible if you decide to use the option.

You can target Youtube ads in much the same way as you can run other display network ads, targeting particular channels, demographics and keywords, as well as using remarketing. This means that you don’t have to worry about your adverts being displayed to everyone, and can focus on videos about the things that your business covers.

It can be expensive or time consuming to put together a video, so we really recommend careful consideration of budget – if you’re limited in funds there are far more cost efficient ways to get a great return on investment. Putting together a successful video campaign isn’t the easiest thing in eCommerce, particularly when you’re running it in an area which isn’t particularly welcoming to advertising.


How to design the best Youtube adverts

There are two main types of Youtube advert – skippable ads of any length and unskippable adverts up to 30 seconds long. Again, it’s important to consider your viewers here – is your video really interesting enough to keep viewers interested for a long period of time? Don’t produce the advertising equivalent of an endless holiday photo slideshow, make an advert which captures people’s interest and gives them all the basic information as quickly as possible.

A short, elevator pitch like start will let your potential customers decide whether to keep watching, and will see better clickthrough rates than pieces which take a long time to get started. Youtube advertising is completely different to television adverts, and your adverts need to be based around understanding that.

People watching TV don’t usually have a problem sitting through adverts, but the internet works at a much faster pace. Many people don’t get up from their seats during an ad break on TV, but with instant tab switching, you’ll find many people simply start doing something else as soon as they see an advert. This means that you need to get your USP across as soon as possible to have the best possible effect, separating your advert from the others out there by demonstrating your brand’s uniqueness.

That’s not to say that longer ads don’t work, but it’s clear that you need something particularly special to make sure that a viewer sits through the whole thing. Here at eTailThis, we offer a complete solution to online sales, with our customisable digital marketing strategies including high quality online video to advertise your brand. We know exactly how to appeal to your users, and can help you bring in valuable sales leads to improve your sales.