SEO writing can be a daunting experience, with ever changing search strategies meaning that eCommerce businesses have to be ready to constantly adapt. In the fast paced world of technology, adaptability and quality content is even more important than it is in other areas, with new product ranges requiring high- ranking content and a near constant stream of big events needing to be covered in your blog.

Optimising your technology business’ SEO techniques doesn’t have to be a problem, though. At eTailThis our decade of experience in improving our clients’ eCommerce systems means that we know some simple tricks to improve your search rankings and conversion rates. We’ve brought you this guide to maximising the potential of your technology site so that you don’t miss out on huge potential profits.

We always stress adaptability, and it’s vital to actually think about the future as well as the past when it comes to planning your eCommerce strategy. Over the years we’ve seen big search engines like Google and Bing do their utmost to provide users with relevant and useful content that matches their searches. Search engines have almost entirely removed the spammy sites you might remember from decades back, and are starting to crack down on keyword packed, meaningless articles.


Changing your technology SEO strategy for the modern day

With keyword based content taking a hit with the latest changes to search engine algorithms, we’re now closer than ever to having a completely semantic search system. This means that Google and Bing will rank pages based on what their content actually says rather than what writers have thrown on the page.

By creating meaningful content which demonstrates the areas that your technology business covers, you’ll be able to improve your rankings, while seeing an improved conversion rate as your site appeals to those interested in your products. The main lesson to follow when it comes to making SEO for the modern market is ‘show, don’t tell’- throwing keywords everywhere to tell search engines what you’re about won’t help as much as actually explaining what you do.

Content isn’t just about appealing to search engines, though. The average reader doesn’t want to get bogged down in technology company buzzwords and acronyms. Give your readers what they want, explain what you mean, and make the detailed technological details an appendix rather than an obstruction.

Convenience and clarity in SEO will ultimately reward any business as search engines develop further, and technology companies stand to benefit hugely from creating understandable, purpose- led content while moving away from keyword based strategies.