Firmly rooted as a major part of everyday life, social media is an important and often misunderstood tool when it comes to improving your office supplies profit. Many office supplies companies mistakenly believe that social media can only work for distinctly hipper industries – technology, restaurants and so on, and end up ignoring these channels entirely.

At eTailThis, we’re confident that this is a bad move. While the applications may not be immediately obvious, running a regularly updated set of social media pages will help your business. We’ve put together this page to show you a few of the ways in which your office supplies business can benefit from taking a little time for social media.

You really don’t need to spend a huge amount of time working on your social media strategy: regularly sharing posts with a little bit of commentary will take you far, allowing your business to organically spread and take a wider market share. Sharing content that’s relevant to your business will show people exactly what your company’s about, making sure that you can perform better in the market.


Why you should use social media for your office supplies company

We’ve listed a few of the biggest reasons for you to run social media pages for your business. If you’ve got the time, it’s always best to see which sites you perform better on, and use that information to develop a strategy, but as a base, we suggest running Facebook and Twitter pages (while registering for other sites like Google Plus to protect your brand). As the two largest social networking sites, these two let you reach a potentially vast audience.

Keeping up to date: Customers in the modern day will often check a business’ social media pages before making a purchase, looking for reviews and checking whether a company is still running if their front page hasn’t been updated in a while. Improve your conversion rate by making sure that your customers know you’re quick to respond to queries and interested in the market.

Direct sales: While you’re unlikely to see a huge sales increase just from running social media sites, there’s always potential for some profit via links to your website. As with practically everything in social media, this is a relatively slow process, as you’ll need to get a large number of followers before you see any real results.

Brand Awareness: Social media gives you an unparalleled opportunity to get your company’s name out there, standing out from competitors in the office supplies world. Whether you’re just posting good content to get shares or want to advertise your latest sales and deals, social media gives you a truly unmatched platform.

Link building: Social media gives you some great opportunities to develop relationships with other sites- engage with the accounts of companies whose products you sell, share information about new products and promotions and far more. Building up links is vital for office supplies companies, and social media gives you a great way to lay the groundwork for more extensive campaigns.

Ad extensions: Using the free ad extensions feature on Google Adwords lets you demonstrate your company’s importance in the marketplace by showing people seeing your adverts exactly how popular your company is. This combination of traditional PPC with social media can give you an improved conversion rate, boosting your profits significantly. While Google Plus is the only social media site supported right now, there’s certainly potential for more social media sites to become part of the system.

All in all, using social media can make real, positive changes to your office supplies business, whether you run a paid campaign to improve visibility or just start off with taking a few minutes every day to share interesting articles. If you want to see the best possible results for your social media, we at eTailThis can cover every site, from Facebook and Twitter to less used platforms like Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram. We’ll bring your customers interesting and engaging pieces that keep them interested in your services and products.