Over the years, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) companies have gone through a number of completely different approaches when it comes to content, from the link spamming of early websites to the keyword- based pieces of recent years. With search engines like Google and Bing developing ever more advanced technology, the world of SEO content has taken a whole new turn, and it’s essential that your eCommerce business understands exactly how to compete in the modern world.

Almost 20 years ago, Bill Gates famously stated that ‘Content is King’ when it comes to the internet, and this bold statement is just as, if not more important than it was back then. Any website needs a wide range of pages to optimise its search engine rankings, PPC costs are lowered when adverts link to dedicated and relevant pages and link building strategies necessitate high quality editorial content.

As search engines move towards a semantic search algorithm, old forms of content writing no longer have the potential for success. When it comes to creating high quality SEO content for your business, the most important change is the importance of appealing to your readers.

At eTailThis we have a full decade of experience in managing eCommerce systems, providing the only total package when it comes to eCommerce from content writing to PPC advertising, so this guide to content creation is sure to help you.


Important facts about high quality SEO content

In the modern day, your content needs to appeal to your readers and to the technology that search engines use to rank pages. We’ll start off with the processes behind maximising your search engine ranking.

Simply throwing out keywords doesn’t work like it used to, and will now hit you with some serious penalties. Ranking for the key phrases used in search queries requires contextualised keywords – you need to show Google what your site is about, not just tell them. Write content about the topics your site should rank for, don’t just drop the phrase in on every sentence.

Pieces on your site should make use of internal and external linking to boost their ranks. By having the most important phrases in your content lead to dedicated pages on your site, you’ll demonstrate exactly what your pages are about. Again, don’t just throw links everywhere – use them to establish what you’re most concerned with.

External link building can be something of a problematic idea in many people’s minds. We’ve all seen sites which just spam links to other pages in an attempt to boost rankings. Thankfully, search engines are now designed to penalise for spamming in this way. To succeed in link building, create high quality editorial content which sites want to upload and share, and you’ll see improved traffic.

When it comes to appealing to readers, there’s no series of technological tricks you can use to guarantee success. We at eTailThis have found that the best way to create high quality content is to think outside the box of being a writer. What do you want to read? Would you take the time to read the content you’re writing?  The answer should definitely be yes, and if it’s not, you need to consider where the problem lies. Creating content which people read and share is a majorly important way to improve your visitors and conversion rates.

There are a couple of things you should be sure to avoid, however. Long content simply doesn’t see the success of shorter pieces unless you’ve got an extremely compelling topic – keep most pieces around the 4-600 word mark, and don’t just throw in extra words to raise your word count. You should also remember that ‘well written’ doesn’t mean ‘use a thesaurus’. Overly wordy content loses you readers, while a friendlier, approachable stance will keep people reading.

If you want high quality content that improves your search ranking positions while keeping your customers interested, we at eTailThis can create well researched, interesting pieces that match your brand identity while being optimised for SEO performance. Our digital marketing solutions give you everything you need to lift your business above the competition, no matter what services you offer.