Creating optimised content for digital marketing

eTailThis Content Creation and Digital Marketing Services


By creating high quality content related to the services that you offer, you can significantly improve your rankings in online searches, meaning that your business will receive more traffic, resulting in increased sales and profits. Content designed to improve your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) engages potential customers while driving your site up the rankings, and there’s really no one better at creating content than us at eTailThis.

Over more than a decade of digital marketing, we’ve created content for practically every kind of site, with past clients ranging from stores offering luxury goods to budget hotel chains and vehicle tracking systems. No matter what services you offer, we at eTailThis can work with you to produce well written content which explains your company’s message perfectly.

We do extensive research on your services, unique selling points and competitors to make sure that the content we create is the best around, driving your site to the top of the rankings for your particular sector of the market. We’ll consult with you to produce guidelines for content creation to make sure that all the pieces we create completely match your brand identity, giving you a consistent image across all your digital marketing.

Major Areas for Digital Marketing and Content Creation


Creating High Quality Content

Creating custom content is a major part of improving site ranking and customer conversion rates. At eTailThis we have a decade of experience in creating high quality custom content to improve the search rankings of our clients, from hotel chains to cosmetic surgeons and high end fashion stores. We can create text and visual- based content to improve any company’s visibility and sales.

Creating Pay-Per-Click Advertising Copy

Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) is one of the most commonly used and most frequently misunderstood parts of online sales. By creating paid adverts to show up in search results and on targeted websites, you can bring in a huge amount of potential business. eTailThis are Google Partner certified experts in managing PPC campaigns to get the results that you want for you business.


Creating content for Link Building

Link building is one of the more difficult parts of digital marketing for an individual to succeed in, and that’s where the experience and proven success of eTailThis can help you. Our expert link building service offers unique pieces of content to influential sites, building the reputation of your business and helping you to reduce PPC marketing costs.

Build a content-led digital marketing strategy with eTailThis

Content creation is just one of the many different parts of a digital marketing strategy, but you’ll find that the necessary skills for high quality content creation cross over with many of the other sides of online marketing. Here at eTailThis, we’re certified experts at managing every aspect of digital marketing, and can create you a comprehensive approach to digital marketing that will bring you up the search rankings, improve your site’s domain authority and get you a great return on investment (ROI) for your paid online marketing.

We create content that appeals to both readers and search engines so that your site ends up seeing significant improvements all round. By creating content that people want to read, we’ll drive traffic to your site, while we make sure that every piece is optimised to bring your site up the search rankings for relevant terms.

Creating high quality content with eTailThis


Here at eTailThis we’re dedicated to getting out the message that you want for your brand in the best way possible, highlighting your unique selling points, company ethos and brand identity. Our team of expert content creators will work with you to develop a complete content strategy, from working out a general style for content to deciding the specific pieces that will be created.

We make the content creation process as transparent as possible, so that you always know exactly what we’re working on. By creating a content schedule we make sure that you’ll receive a steady stream of new, well- written content that demonstrates your brand identity fully, no matter how many pieces you want created.

Depending on your particular needs, we at eTailThis can create practically any kind of content, whether you’re just looking for pieces designed for your site or want to expand to social media pieces, press releases and more.

  • Blog posts
    eTailThis blog posts are pieces that engage customers and boost search rankings.
  • News stories
    News Stories from eTailThis let you show your customers that you’re always up to date.
  • Page Content
    eTailThis can create you a wide range of on page content to promote your services.
  • Email Newsletters
    eTailThis can produce high quality emails showing off new products and offers.

  • Infographics and Images
    Our graphic design team can create high quality imagery matching your brand identity.

  • Case Studies
    We can create in depth looks at how your products and services help your customers.

Compelling Advert Copy for Online Sales


We don’t just create on-page content at eTailThis. Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is one of the most important parts of a complete digital marketing strategy, letting you reach people searching for or reading about services like the ones that you offer. At eTailThis we’ll create high quality advert copy that brings potential customers straight to your site, improving your sales and visibility.

Adverts aren’t exclusively text based, with many online adverts using images and video to project a message. Our team at eTailThis can create content of any kind to make sure that you stand out in the marketplace with high quality graphics, well written text and engaging videos.

Whether you’re looking for simple, quality content or want to create rich, multimedia pieces, eTailThis can create a digital content strategy that maximises your search ranking position and conversion rate.

  • PPC Advert Copy
    We can create short copy for adverts that interests and brings in customers.
  • Reach an Interested Audience
    Search advertising lets you reach an audience who are actively looking for your services.
  • High Quality Content
    The expert eTailThis content team can create excellent pieces for any kind of site.
  • Multimedia Content
    The most successful ad copy from eTailThis includes rich features like photos and videos.
  • Create a Range of Content
    eTailThis can create any kind of advert copy, from basic text to video features.
  • Proven Advertising Success
    At eTailThis we have over a decade’s experience successfully managing ad campaigns.

Build a successful link building strategy with eTailThis


Link building is one of the most frequently misunderstood and misused parts of creating a successful digital marketing strategy. By having well- trusted websites set up links to your website, you’ll improve your site’s reputation and start to climb the search engine listings for relevant search terms. Because of how easy it is to just throw a link on a site, search engines like Google and Bing penalise for poorly set up links, which results in your site losing reputation.

To succeed in link building, you need to contextualise the links to your site by creating original content that matches your brand identity. We’ll create high quality pieces and get them posted on the leading sites that relate to your services, improving your reputation and bringing you up the search rankings.

  • Successful Link Building
    eTailThis knows exactly how to get the most out of link building for your site.
  • Dedicated Research
    We’ll find the best websites in your field, and set up links that benefit your site.
  • Backlink Review
    eTailThis starts by reviewing existing links to your site, removing all toxic elements.
  • Contextualised Copy
    Making the most of links requires high quality content, and eTailThis can provide the best.
  • Consistent Pieces
    We’ll develop a strategy focusing on the parts of your business you want to advertise.
  • Improve Search Rankings
    Link building with eTailThis improves your search rankings, as all our pieces use SEO.

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