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eTailThis Penalty Removal Service


You may have received a notification from Google regarding a manual penalty. Your website may have experienced a sudden steep drop in site traffic starting on one particular date. Or the worst case may have happened and your site may have disappeared completely from Google’s search results. If you’ve experienced any of these, then you may have been hit with a search engine penalty due to noncompliance with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and link building standards.

Having your website affected by any sort of search engine penalty can hit your eCommerce business hard; you can lose a huge amount of your ranking power overnight. eTailThis can help reverse this and make sure that your penalty is removed, or completely remove any chance of you getting a penalty in the first place. Penalties imposed by Google come in three main categories; manually enforced penalties are concerned with unethical linking practices while two algorithmic updates to Google, Penguin and Panda, deal with low-grade SEO tactics like over-optimising text and keyword stuffing.

As a Google accredited partner, we at eTailThis understand exactly what needs to be done to get your website back into compliance and we work with you to rebuild your search rankings in a hurry. If you need your penalty lifted, the eTailThis Penalty Removal Service works quickly and professionally to bring your site back to search engine life and turn around your dropping Google ranking for good. As accredited experts in digital marketing, we can ensure that you never risk losing rankings because of a penalty.

Key Search Engine Penalty Audit Areas


Backlink Profile Analysis

eTailThis will identify the toxic backlinks affecting your Google search rankings by manually reviewing your backlink profile and pinpointing which ones need to be removed. We’ll contact site managers to remove or improve toxic links, giving you the solid base you need to start improving your site’s search engine performance.

Bad Link Removal and Disavow

We guide you through the process of removing toxic links and prepare comprehensive documentation to have all bad links removed and disavowed so future Google penalties don’t occur. Our team at eTailThis contacts the sites with toxic links, getting them to remove their links, and contact Google to ensure you don’t see any penalty from links that can’t be removed.


Penalty Reconsideration

eTailThis completes the penalty removal process with a reconsideration request. We provide Google with the technical information they require to have your penalty lifted and have your search engine rankings revived, bringing you back to the level of visibility you should be that. From there, our digital marketing expertise can help you improve your market performance hugely.

eTailThis Saves you from a Google Penalty


Starting off the eTailThis penalty removal process, we establish that your site is actually experiencing a penalty, rather than an organic drop due to other SEO factors.

From there, the real work begins as we analyse your link profile looking for known link networks, paid links and other spam sources. As toxic links are a major cause of Google penalties eTailThis quickly requests removal of these links from each site on your behalf.

Then, as an accredited Google partner we work closely with the search engine to prepare a disavow report showing Google that you don’t want the link, and getting their search algorithms to ignore links that can’t be removed. Once eTailThis has reached this stage of its penalty removal process we create and submit any reconsideration requests that are required and work with you to get the search engine penalty totally removed.

We at eTailThis can assure you that we will not stop working on your case until the Google penalty is removed and your site recovers its position.

Backlink Analysis by eTailThis Digital Marketing


If you want to recover from a Google penalty and ensure that you don’t suffer a penalty in the future you need to cleanse your backlink profile. Google has issued millions of warnings to websites that have created low-grade or unethical backlinks and they have suffered a consequent loss in rankings, especially after recent Google algorithm updates like Penguin and Panda. The eTailThis penalty removal service will solve that problem for your eCommerce business.

We identify the problematic links by manually analysing your backlink profile, reviewing each and every link against our quality criteria using our research tools and extensive database of low quality websites doing you search engine harm. eTailThis pinpoints the toxic links that need to be removed while keeping the quality links so that you can recover your rankings quickly.

Before we move to the removal stage you will be offered the chance to review the links we’ve identified and confirm their future disavowing. This means that you can keep any important links, as we can help you contextualise these, reducing negative effects and turning them into useful assets.

eTailThis does the hard work weeding out your backlinks so you can rest easy knowing your Google rankings will bloom again and that in the future your website will stay ahead of further algorithm changes.

Bad Link Removal and Disavowal with eTailThis


Once eTailThis has identified the backlinks that are causing your site Google ranking problems we contact the relevant webmasters individually and professionally to request removal or editing of their toxic links.

We guide you and them through the removal process to make sure that all problematic backlinks are removed completely and quickly. eTailThis will prepare the relevant comprehensive documents like disavow.txt for the webmasters so all bad links are removed and disavowed for good while we provide extensive documentation of the work we’ve carried out for your records.

Negative links may date back several years, which can mean that the websites have been abandoned entirely. If this is the case, we will contact Google, informing them of the situation and disavowing the link entirely, so you won’t be negatively affected.

Reconsider your Google Penalty through eTailThis


The final stage in the penalty removal service from eTailThis is reconsideration. Essentially, this means sending Google a detailed, well- written request to review any manual penalties attached to your site.

eTailThis will create an expertly crafted reconsideration request for Google, providing them with all the technical information they need to lift your penalty. When the penalty is removed your search engine rankings will start to recover. If the penalty isn’t removed the first time, eTailThis will prepare another request, ensuring that your site meets the standards that Google demands.

As accredited Google partners, you can be sure that eTailThis will help your site recover from penalties.

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