Comprehensive and Effective SEO Audits

Maximise Your Organic Rankings with an SEO Audit


Your website might be beautifully designed and be full of useful content but if the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of your site isn’t working as it should then your potential customers just won’t see your site. SEO is about pushing your site up the relevant search rankings to bring in visitors, and to make your site as search engine friendly as possible you need an SEO audit from the digital marketing experts at eTailThis.

We’ll run an SEO audit of your website that gives you an in-depth view into the SEO factors that might be affecting your site performance negatively. eTailThis provides a thorough SEO site audit that highlights performance issues, keeping the focus on solutions for improving your organic search results and giving your site the search engine visibility that your content and design deserve.

If you want more website visitors interested in your services, increased online sales and leads then you need the insights that a comprehensive SEO audit from eTailThis will give you.

Key SEO Audit Factors


Search Engine Accessibility of your Website

If your site can’t be accessed properly by search engine crawlers your customers won’t be able to find it via Google, Bing or other search engines. eTailThis analyses how accessible your site is to search engines and provides the solutions to rectify any problems, bringing you up the search rankings.

On-Page Ranking/Off-Page Ranking

On-page factors influence your search engine rankings, so eTailThis investigates page level characteristics across your entire website, from contextualised keywords to H tags and meta descriptions. Off-page ranking factors are those generated by sites linking to your site, and we evaluate your link profile to make sure that you get maximum SEO performance.


SEO Audit Reporting

Our SEO audit report is a complete map of actionable items, prioritized to your particular SEO needs. We pinpoint the exact areas of your website that need work and in what order they require your attention, building a customised digital marketing strategy which achieves the exact goals that you set out for your business.

eTailThis Digital Marketing Provides a Thorough SEO Examination


To get your website to the next level of visibility on search engines, you need a comprehensive SEO audit to ensure that issues like broken links and re-direct errors haven’t developed to negatively affect your search rankings.

Every audit eTailThis perform is tailored to our customers’ specific requirements. We provide a forensic analysis of your existing web site to help you understand where your site falls short from a search engine perspective, and we show you which elements of your site can be further optimized to improve its crawlability, indexability and relevancy.

eTailThis also makes sure that the report provided at the end of our exhaustive SEO includes the relevant solutions required to improve your site’s performance and in the search listings.

Make your Site More Accessible through an eTailThis SEO Audit


Search engines like Google and Bing rank your site based on what they can see, so you need to ensure that your site is visible to search engine crawlers. eTailThis analyses how accessible your site is for search engines and helps you significantly improve visibility.

We make sure that none of your pages or files like robots.txt files and meta tags are blocking crawlers as they index your pages for rankings. eTailThis also identifies any of your URLs that return errors or aren’t using proper 301 HTTP redirects, ensuring that your site performs as it should.

We analyse your site’s architecture and speed, making sure that your XML Sitemap is providing an effective map for search engine crawlers and that all your site’s pages are easily found. eTailThis looks at the hierarchy of your site to ensure your site is structured optimally for search engines while also analysing any parts of your site that are slow to load and slowing down your move up the search rankings.

eTailThis also works to determine how many of your webpages are actually being indexed by search engines, paying particular attention to your site’s most important, high priority pages. In the accessibility portion of our SEO audit we investigate if your website ranks high for your company name and brand and if you’re being penalised by search engines. Once we identify the reason for any penalty that might be affecting your search engine ranking eTailThis will help you remove penalties with our expert experience.

Optimise your On-Page Ranking with eTailThis Digital Marketing


eTailThis will analyse the on-page ranking factors of your site that influence your search engine rankings, from page content to the hidden characteristics search engines analyse.

We make sure that your URLs are properly optimised using SEO best practices and that the titles and metadata of your pages are succinct, optimised for SEO and accurately describe every page’s content. That includes proper image metadata so your pictures can also speak to the search engine crawlers after our SEO audit.

eTailThis analyses your content so your pages will always contain substantive content that is valuable to your target audience, minimising your bounce rate and maximising conversion rates as well as the time your potential customers spend on your pages. This content evaluation also ensures that search engines are fully able to process your content for its rankings.

As part of an eTailThis SEO Audit, your site’s HTML is validated and evaluated so that your HTML mark-up is fully compliant. We also look at your out links including anchor text to make sure that they point to trustworthy sites and are completely relevant to that page’s content. Our SEO audit also identifies broken links and investigates the distribution of internal links so that your most important pages always receive the most internal backlinks.

Focus on your Off-Page Ranking as part of our SEO Audit


Just as important as your on-page ranking factors are those generated by sources outside of your website.

After analysing the web traffic for your site and comparing it against similar sites, eTailThis evaluates your site’s reputation and domain authority. Your site’s search engine rankings can be heavily influenced by the quality of the sites that are linking to you, so with eTailThis you get a backlink profile of your site which shows exactly who is linking to your site.

We identify opportunities for where you can improve, removing links that damage your site’s performance. To see the best possible results, your site has to be linked by popular, trustworthy or authoritative websites in your field, and eTailThis will review and contact these so your search rankings will continue to climb.

eTailThis analyses your sites authority, made up of the quality and quantity of your backlinks, your traffic and your trustworthiness, so we can predict how well a specific page of yours will perform in the search engine rankings as well as the performance for your entire domain.

A complete solution for SEO Problems


An eTailThis SEO audit doesn’t just throw information at you. We design all our audits to give you a complete solution to online sales, removing SEO problems and improving your current performance with a digital marketing strategy that achieves the goals you set.

Whether you want to focus on bringing your site up the organic search rankings, improving conversion rates by getting rid of irrelevant searches, bring your services to a wider audience with paid search marketing or anything else, eTailThis can create a strategy that reaches your goal. An SEO audit is just the first step towards completely maximising your online sales performance with eTailThis.

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