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Online retail continues to be a key growth area in the online marketplace today with increasing numbers of business to business (B2B) resellers and business to consumer (B2C) traders deciding to improve their visibility and profits by adding an online sales channel to their business. Online sales can become complicated, so if you’re looking to maximise your online profits, you need a convenient eCommerce system like the two platforms that eTailThis provide.

eCommerce is still one of the fastest growing areas in the retail sector for both the UK, Ireland, Europe and the rest of the world. In the UK eCommerce is expected to reach €61.84 billion euros by the end of 2015, up from €15 billion in 2013. It is estimated that online sales make up just over an eighth of all retail sales in the UK, giving you a huge potential for improved profits, no matter which sector of the market your business works in.

Online sales are a consistent growth area around the world, and now is really the perfect time to enter the eCommerce market or improve your current offering with the eTailThis eCommerce platform. Here at eTailThis, we’ve created the first complete eCommerce solution, with our platform covering absolutely every side of online sales. Improve your efficiency and market success with an eCommerce system from eTailThis.

The Modern Day eCommerce Solution for Retailers and Resellers

The eTailThis eCommerce platform was built to be the market’s first comprehensive solution for your eCommerce needs. We’ve created a single- feed system which integrates product feeds from every major supplier in the IT and office supplies sectors, which means that you can easily offer products from multiple distributors to give your customers the best deals available.

We have designed our eCommerce solution to provide you and your customers with complete convenience when it comes to making orders. By giving your customers a modern and efficient site, you’ll see an increase in conversion rates, as more of your potential customers end up making a purchase through your site. The front end of our eCommerce system lets you easily display special offers, give your customers shipping estimates, use multiple different payment gateways, easily order for multiple addresses and reorder past purchases.

The eTailThis platform also provides complete convenience for you in the back end of your site. Our system automatically splits up orders by distributor, with batch order processing and automatic email confirmation making order management and fulfilment easy.

Our system was created on Magento, a powerful platform owned by eBay, giving you a solid base for your online sales.

Whichever distributor, wholesaler or supplier you work with we can their merchant feeds to synchronise with your eCommerce solution. Here are some of the leading UK suppliers we already provide integration with to ensure the eCommerce store from eTailThis is kept up to date with the right pricing and stock availability:


Features of the eTailThis eCommerce Platform


The eTailThis eCommerce Solution

Our eCommerce platform is part of the first complete online sales solution. Built using powerful Magento software, the eTailThis solution is based on a single product feed from every major supplier in IT, office supplies and more. You can easily stock products from any number of distributors, add in your own products, and organise your online store with eTailThis. Features like quick database population, easy catalogue management and a front end which gives your customers a completely modern purchase experience make the eTailThis system the best choice for online sales.

Complete eCommerce Convenience

Our eCommerce solution is built for complete convenience for both you and your customers. The eTailThis system simplifies every form of management, letting you quickly edit catalogues, content, product data and access customer data. Automated order processing saves you a huge amount of time and money, while ensuring that no human error occurs.

Your customers will also love the convenience our eCommerce system provides. Our search engine makes sure that they can find the products they’re looking for, with filterable searches, suggestions and more. We simplify user journeys from initial visit to purchase, improving your overall conversion rate, while our checkout system gives customers a range of payment gateway options for security and convenience.


Optimised Site Performance

Our eCommerce platform was built for absolutely maximised performance on every level. Sites built with the eTailThis system make it easy for visitors to find what they’re looking for, get the information they need and make a quick purchase. Online customers place a high value on convenience, and you’ll see people dropping out of making a purchase on every necessary step. That’s why eTailThis simplifies user journeys, making sure that your visitors make purchases. Single page checkout, shipping estimates in shopping carts and quick order fulfilment give your customers absolute convenience.

Our sites also make it easy for you to implement Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) with simple options for meta descriptions, H tags, an informative URL structure and far more. This optimisation brings your site up in relevant search engine listings, bringing in more potential customers.

More eCommerce Features for B2B and B2C Businesses 


Complete Customisability

Our eCommerce platform makes it easy for you to create an online store which matches your brand identity, with complete customisability on practically every level. You can easily design an online store front which looks how you want while providing your customers with the modern features that eTailThis have designed. We know how important consistent branding can be, so we’ve made it easy to keep consistent imagery and design through your site.

You can also choose which options your customers receive. Offer a vast selection of products easily with our single product feed, select which payment gateway options your customers can use, choose which countries you want to sell to, give your buyers different shipping options and far more. The eTailThis eCommerce solution makes it easy to develop a completely customised online sales solution.

Easy eCommerce Management

With the eTailThis platform, the time consuming processes of online sales management are drastically simplified. Our system has a solution for every side of eCommerce management, cutting out wasted time and improving your profits.

Catalogue Management: No matter how many products you offer, you can easily manage your catalogue. Your store is synchronised with every major distributor, giving you up to date information about stock levels, while our system lets you add and edit product data and pricing with ease.

Content Management: Our eCommerce system supports all forms of content, from simple text to multimedia, rich content. Easily manage and design everything from blog posts and on-page content to product data and newsletters with the eTailThis Content Management System, while easily running multiple storefronts.

Customer Management: Our eCommerce platform places all customer data in a single area, making for easy management and customer service. Easily look through customer interactions with your site to provide personalised support and bring back past visitors with remarketing options.

Order Management: The eTailThis platform makes it easier than ever to fulfil orders from your customers. Complete distributor integration ensures quick fulfilment, while our system automatically splits orders by supplier, also letting you easily batch process orders.


Modular eCommerce Solutions

We at eTailThis know that there’s no single solution that suits every online store out there, which is why our eCommerce platform lets you pick and choose from a range of different options and modules to provide you with a system that perfectly suits your business.

Whether you just want an online store which gives your customers a modern service, want to integrate our high quality product data, want to add extra store fronts for different types of customer or practically anything else, the modular eTailThis eCommerce solution will give you exactly what you need. We’ve developed the first complete online sales solution, from a powerful eCommerce platform to expert digital marketing.

eCommerce Solutions for B2B and B2C Resellers


Distributor Integration with eTrade

The eTailThis platform integrates product feeds and synchronises data with your eCommerce system and major suppliers like Spicers, Westcoast, Exertis, Beta Distribution, Vow Europe, which makes order management and online sales easier than ever before. Maximise your sales performance by offering your customers the best deals from multiple distributors in the IT and office supplies sectors.

Because our eCommerce solution is built on a single product channel, you won’t have to worry about paying any unnecessary supplier fees when you add items from multiple distributors to your website.

Multi-Channel eCommerce with eTailThis

Multi-Channel eCommerce lets you diversify your potential audience by placing your products on 3rd party marketplaces like Amazon Marketplace, eBay and Google Shopping. The eTailThis platform was designed to allow you to quickly integrate your product feed with a wide variety of different marketplaces, increasing your visibility and sales.

We also offer multiple payment gateways on your store, so that you can give your customers the convenience they want when planning on an online purchase. By letting customers pay through Amazon, PayPal and more, you’ll convert more visitors into buyers.


Enhanced Product Data and Content

We at eTailThis have partnered with Open Range, the leading provider of product data for the IT and office supplies sectors to give you the high quality content and product information you need to make sales online. We synchronise product data with the products you offer, so that all of the products on your site have a full set of information, letting your customers search for and find exactly what they’re looking for.

The first complete online sales solution with eTailThis


Simply having the best eCommerce system in the market isn’t the only important factor in improving your online sales performance. At eTailThis we offer a complete solution to all your online sales needs, with over a decade of experience in digital marketing making us the best choice out there for improving your visibility and position in the search rankings.

We cover every side of digital marketing, from search engine optimisation (SEO) to pay per click advertising and high quality content creation. Over on our digital marketing pages we explain exactly how our decade of experience in online sales can help you bring in more customers, make more sales and improve your position in the marketplace.

Digital Marketing Services For Retailers


Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is a vital part of online marketing. The majority of new customers initially reach sites through search engines like Google and Bing. SEO is essentially about placing your site higher up the search listings for relevant terms, bringing in visitors interested in your services. eTailThis offers a complete SEO package, from site design to content creation and external link building.

Paid Search Marketing

Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) is one of the most commonly used and most frequently misunderstood parts of online sales. By creating paid adverts to show up in search results and on targeted websites, you can bring in a huge amount of potential business. eTailThis are Google Partner certified experts in managing PPC campaigns to get the results that you want for you business.


Multi-Channel Marketing

By listing your products on online shopping sites like Amazon Marketplace and Google Shopping, you’ll be able to reach a huge new audience, improving sales and visibility in the market. The eTailThis eCommerce system was built with the option to easily integrate your product listings with those on major shopping channels so that you can sell to a totally new market.

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