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Make your catalogue management more efficient with eTailThis


To maximise your potential sales, your online store needs to be as efficient as possible, and here at eTailThis we’ve put together an eCommerce platform that gives you and your customers complete convenience. With our platform, you’ll get digital catalogues which contain everything from accurate product data to synchronised stock information.

With efficient catalogue management from eTailThis you can be confident that your customers will get all the information they need about your products, whether they’re from IT, Office Supplies or Facilities Management. With integrated eCommerce catalogue management, you get one clear system of communication between distributor warehouses and your website, giving you complete integration for the best possible customer service.

We offer customized solutions for both simple and more complex eCommerce catalogues so your online store can present your products in an efficient way. The eTailThis solution lets you easily manage the comprehensive information customers want about the products sell in your eCommerce website.

We ensure that our eCommerce platform gives you the most effective catalogue management possible with integrated workflows and distributor communications.

Key Features of Catalogue Management


Integrated Catalogue Management

The eTailThis eCommerce platform was built to allow for convenient catalogue management no matter what kind of online store you run. With our platform you can organise products in practically any way you want, making it far easier for your customers to find the products that they want to purchase, while giving you a series of powerful features that make running your store far easier.

Manage Supplier Integration

Managing an online catalogue containing products from multiple suppliers can be difficult. That’s why we built our eCommerce solution to include complete synchronisation with product feeds from multiple suppliers, making sure that your customers know exactly what you have available while ensuring that order fulfilment is run efficiently.


Product and Customer Price Management

The eTailThis platform was built to include convenient options for price and product management. We give you a range of options when it comes to managing your prices and providing your customers with product data, saving you a huge amount of time when you’re organising or updating your eCommerce catalogue.

eTailThis Integrated Catalogue Management


eCommerce catalogue management requires diverse and flexible systems, and eTailThis is completely dedicated to giving you a solution which suits you perfectly. If you want your products defined, stored and retrieved as effectively as possible during your online transactions then there’s no better choice than the eTailThis eCommerce solution.

The diversity of product types, applications, and product data formats makes it hard to manually create a catalogue for online sales. When you’re dealing with multiple suppliers, it can get even harder to create and manage a catalogue effectively. At eTailThis, we’ve built a catalogue management system which makes managing your online store completely easy.

We make your catalogue management an integral part of the eTailThis online retail solution so your business can enjoy the benefits of full integration between your eCommerce store, your accounting software and customer relationship management software. Increase productivity and success with eTailThis catalogue management.

  • Absolute Flexibility
    The eTailThis eCommerce system lets you create a site that perfectly suits your needs.
  • Efficient Cataloguing
    Our eCommerce system makes it easier than ever before to manage your catalogues.
  • Saving time and money
    It’s incredibly time consuming to build a catalogue, but eTailThis makes it easy.
  • Easy Catalogue Management
    Catalogue management is built into the heart of our eCommerce solution.
  • Boost Customer Satisfaction
    With efficient catalogue management, your customers get what they’re looking for.
  • Updated catalogue data
    Our platform synchronises your store with distributor catalogues for convenience.

Manage Supplier Integration in your eCommerce Catalogue

In any online store you have to work with multiple suppliers and that makes your catalogue management very complex. That’s why we’ve built a system that simplifies dealing with multiple distributors.

No matter how many suppliers you have, our eCommerce Solution makes it simple to arrange bundled and grouped products by size, colour and whatever other attributes you need in your online catalogue. With eTailThis you have an unlimited number of product attributes and you can also create attribute sets for quick product creation of different item types.

In addition you’ll also be able to create individual price points for individual customer groups like wholesalers and retailers as well as advanced pricing rules and support for special prices where required.

eCommerce catalogue management from eTailThis also includes inventory management with backordered items and minimum and maximum quantities so you can be confident that there will be no irritating out of stock messages for your online customers. Your communication with your eCommerce suppliers will be seamless with the eTailThis eCommerce solution.

For your eCommerce customers, eTailThis provides high quality search, search result rewrites and redirects as well as permitting defined attributes for customer sorting by category so they can find the product they want. Online customers can even receive guidance with moderated product tags and reviews. You can be sure that your potential customers find the products they’re looking for on your site, with a convenient user journey making sure that they complete their purchases.


Online Stock Synchronisation with eTailThis


With eTailThis multi supplier stock integration you get inventory management tools that mean you spend far less time on managing virtual inventory and warehouses. Our eCommerce system puts effective virtual supply chain management into your hands so your eCommerce store always has what your customers want.

Stock Synchronization with eTailThis allows you to accurately control unlimited SKUs with ease, monitoring stock quantities at multiple locations while adjusting stock in bulk with accuracy. eTailThis provides low stock notification alerts if your inventory levels have fallen below the minimum stock threshold set.

You can also manage inventory availability in our eCommerce catalogue management system, assigning stock management permissions to different admin users. Create purchase orders for suppliers simply and predict min/max levels for each product for future orders.

With our easy to read stock reports you can make smarter business decisions based on accurate stock figures. With eTailThis you’ll will always know which products, warehouses and suppliers are performing best. If you’re looking for the absolute best in catalogue management, there’s no solution more convenient than our eCommerce platform.

  • Faster Management
    Simplify stock counting and product editing with the eTailThis platform.
  • Supply Chain Management
    Improve your company’s flow of products with accurate, on- time information.
  • Stock Synchronisation
    Our eCommerce platform gives you accurate stock information with customisable alerts.
  • Set Up Alerts
    Our complete customisability lets you set up low stock alerts at any level you choose.
  • Convenient Management
    Our eCommerce platform radically simplifies the stock management process.
  • Make Management Simple
    Our eCommerce system lets you assign different permissions to your employees.

Price Management in the eTailThis eCommerce Solution


Price management for your online store couldn’t be much more straightforward with eTailThis. From your onscreen front end to the back end price logistics our eCommerce solution has everything you need for effective price management.

The price management module for our eCommerce system includes:

  • Negotiated contract pricing for business customers once they’re logged in
  • Multiple Pricing Options including:
  1.  The price at which you want to sell the product
  2.  Your cost purchase price for the product
  3. The tier price (discounts based on the quantity of products purchased)
  4. Special prices for promotional campaigns

Managing your prices efficiently is an important way to ensure that your profits stay as high as possible, and there’s absolutely no better system for price management than the eTailThis eCommerce solution.

  • Simple Price Management
    The eTailThis system lets you easily adjust and manage prices in bulk.
  • Simple User Journeys
    Our eCommerce system ensures customer satisfaction and convenience.
  • Set Different Price Sets
    Taxes are different for businesses and customers, so you can set multiple price sets.
  • Quickly set up prices
    Our eCommerce platform lets you designate sale prices and more with complete ease.
  • Discounted Tiers
    Do your customers buy in bulk? Set up tier pricing with the eTailThis system.
  • Set up Promotions
    Our eCommerce system lets you set up time- based promotions and discounts easily.

Product Management with eTailThis


Product pages are the most important public part of your online store. They contain vital details, images and information about the products you sell online. Editing products in some eCommerce systems can be complex and time consuming. The eTailThis eCommerce platform lets you edit products efficiently, saving hours of time and effort. If you spend less time in product administration you can spend more time selling your products, and that’s better for your customers and better for your business.

eTailThis product management is completely configurable and allows you to greatly speed up the product creation process by allowing you to create multiple products at once and automatically increment SKUs. With our product management module you can create products of various types – simple, configurable, grouped, virtual, bundled and downloadable products.

With the eTailThis eCommerce system you can easily organise product catalogues and define products by features, while the following options make management completely simple.

  1. View all the product images and attributes in a customizable product grid
  2. Edit the product attributes directly on the grid like Microsoft Excel
  3. Filter and sort the products by their attributes
  4. Instantly find any product using the category tree
  5. Edit and preview product Images
  6. Import product data from other file sources like CSV
  7. Export product data to CSV or TXT files

We’ve also teamed up with Open Range, the largest supplier of product data for the IT and office supplies sectors, and let you automatically integrate their consistent, high quality product data with your site. This can save you even more time, immediately giving you a stock of quality, searchable information.

  • Rich Product Data
    Our eCommerce platform lets you easily add photos, videos and more to products.
  • Easy Product Editing
    Our eCommerce platform makes it easy to edit product data in bulk, saving you time.
  • Complete Choice
    Our eCommerce system gives you a huge range of choices for managing product data.
  • Easily Categorise Products
    Our system easily lets you categorise products for easy searching and product management.
  • Simple Management Features
    Our eCommerce platform gives you a wide range of catalogue management features.
  • Open Range
    Open Range brings you high quality IT and office supplies data, saving you time.

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