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To make sure that visitors to your site make a purchase you need to perfect a few different factors, and having high quality, accurate and consistent content is one of the most important of these. Simply put, unless your customers know what they’re about to buy, they won’t make a purchase.

At eTailThis we’re dedicated to giving you a complete solution to all your online sales needs, so our system includes the most convenient content management system around. With our eCommerce platform you’ll get a dynamic and modern shopping environment for all your customers, letting you merge your eCommerce platform with content in a powerful content management solution providing your customers with an interactive and engaging shopping experience.

With eTailThis you get a modern, dynamic shopping environment for your Business to Business and Business to Consumer customers that delivers an optimised eCommerce experience on a powerful online platform, giving your customers the convenience and information they need.

The eTailThis eCommerce solution delivers integrated content and eCommerce for all your retail channels and customers. When you select the eCommerce platform from eTailThis you get a strong combination of customer experience and transactional functions driving increased online sales.

Our eCommerce platform was designed to provide you and your customers with total convenience, leading to increased sales, better relations with distributors and more sales. Whether you’re stepping into the online sales marketplace for the first time or want to improve your position, there’s no better choice than the eTailThis platform.

Key Features of eTailThis content management


Efficient content management to impress customers

To impress customers in the modern world of online sales, you need accurate, high quality content that includes multimedia features like photos, videos and more. Here at eTailThis we’ve designed an eCommerce solution which makes it easier than ever to organise content, from associating product data with the items you sell to managing original content designed for Search Engine Optimisation.

Complete convenience with eTailThis content management

The eTailThis content management system was built to give you complete convenience on every level, from managing your content to letting you design a checkout system which maximises efficiency and security. Complete customisability means that the eTailThis eCommerce system can do exactly what you need it to to maximise your online sales.


Manage content for international audiences

If you’re planning on selling your products to an international audience, eTailThis can help you develop and manage a whole new set of content for your website. Our eCommerce platform lets you add international content to your site, and includes options for adding different international checkouts which automatically calculated shipping and international taxation.

Manage content more efficiently with eTailThis


The eTailThis Content Management System for eCommerce provides the richest content for your informational and landing pages. Our eCommerce content management supports your online presence by making content creation much easier.

With eTailThis content management is not about complicated coding or steep learning curves. Our CMS creates an easy-to-use environment where you can update content, blogs, newsletters, etc. quickly and without technical fuss. The eTailThis CMS allows you to use a single page editor to add rich, multi-media content to your landing pages, your product descriptions, your digital marketing material and much more.

The eTailThis content management system allows you to easily create high quality pages from the simplest Terms and Conditions page to more complicated media-rich ones, all without coding knowledge or experience. You can choose from templates and layouts for page design as well as setting the URL path and creating additional metadata to improve your Search Engine Optimisation.

  • Rich Content
    Multimedia content is important for a content management strategy.
  • Multimedia Content
    Sites built with eTailThis easily handle photos, videos and far more.
  • Content Creation
    Our team at eTailThis can create any kind of content for your site.
  • Content Management System
    The eTailThis CMS lets you easily update and sort blogs, page content and far more.
  • Search Engine Optimisation
    Sites built with eTailThis are designed for easy SEO, bringing you up the rankings.
  • Maximising Search Position
    Our eCommerce system includes fields like H tags, meta descriptions and more.

The eCommerce Content Management System from eTailThis

The eTailThis platform provides a strong content management solution, standing out from other eCommerce systems by giving your customers a rich content experience along with the convenient user journey and quick order fulfilment that they need.

Having rich content which includes features other than text is particularly important in the modern day. Your customers will positively respond to content that includes images, video content and more multi-media features, and the eTailThis platform makes including this on your site easy.

The powerful and dependable CMS component of the eTailThis eCommerce system is intuitive, offers a streamlined content management workflow and can be automated easily. Our eCommerce system delivers exactly what you need, with a huge range of different options available to suit your business perfectly.


Manage your site’s content with eTailThis


Site Management is a key part of managing online content for both B2B and B2C retailers and eTailThis gets the most from its content management system to drive your sales upward.

The eTailThis eCommerce solution gives you absolutely everything you need for successful content management. As an eTailThis customer you get 100% customisable design templates and support for multiple languages and currencies. Our platform lets you control multiple stores at one time, with a completely different style and content for each one. We’ve built our platform for convenience so you also get a Web Services API for easy integration between Magento, the foundation of our eCommerce platform, and third-party applications.

With eTailThis you can batch import and export catalogue and customer information while also dealing with tax rates per location, per product type or per customer group. The eTailThis content management solution also provides auto-generated CAPTCHA functionality so you can be sure that you’re dealing with a real customer rather than a program.

  • Convenient Management
    With eTailThis it’s easy to create and manage your site’s content.
  • Multiple Stores
    Our eCommerce platform lets you run and manage any number of stores easily.
  • International Sales
    Our CMS lets you run sites in multiple languages for your international clients.
  • Batch Imports
    Our system makes it easy to manage content in bulk for complete convenience.
  • Complete Customisability
    Almost every part of the eTailThis system can be customised to suit your needs.
  • Customer-led Content
    You can see exactly what your customers want with our eCommerce system.

Improved convenience for your business with eTailThis


Whether you’re selling to businesses or consumers, giving your customers a seamless shopping experience is important, and the eTailThis eCommerce platform makes sure that your customers get a level of convenience that keeps them coming back to your store again and again. After they initially reach your site and get impressed by the high quality content management and convenient user journey features, it’s time for your customers to check out, and our system gives you a completely convenient checkout solution.

Stores built on the eTailThis eCommerce get a one-page checkout so there is no customer confusion or dropout when proceeding to final purchase. In addition, the eTailThis platform allows your online customers to ship to multiple addresses in the same order while being given the option to create an account at the very start of the checkout process or check out as a guest.

Security concerns are obviously key for your online store so eTailThis provides SSL security support for customer orders on both the front and back ends of your eCommerce operation. Our system can be used to add gift messages per order and per item. Using the eTailThis eCommerce solution you can give your customers a saved online shopping cart that has tax and shipping estimates while also allowing them to save their credit card method for offline payments.

A key part of your eTailing has to be multi-channel payment integration and eTailThis eCommerce gives you everything you need for effective customer payment. Our eCommerce solution offers:

  1. Integration with multiple PayPal gateways
  2. Integration with
  3. Integration with Google Checkout (Level 2)
  4. Integration with Sage Pay
  5. Acceptance of purchase orders

When it comes to the final part of the online transaction, shipping, eTailThis is the only eCommerce solution you need. Shipping with eTailThis includes real-time shipping rate integration for major logistic carriers like UPS, FedEx and DHL. eCommerce checkout options also allow you to specify allowed destination countries according to the payment method and include flat rate shipping per order or item or even free shipping.

Whether your company is selling to businesses via B2B or consumers through B2C, your customers will have the ability to track orders from their accounts. The eTailThis eCommerce content management system was built to give you and your customers the convenience that they need.

  • Seamless Store Performance
    eTailThis gives you the platform to create a high powered, modern online store.
  • User Journey
    By giving your users a simple journey through your site, you’ll get more sales.
  • Simple Checkout
    With a single page checkout option, customers get the convenience they want.
  • Customer Management
    Our eCommerce platform gives you the ability to have excellent customer service.
  • Secure Checkout
    Make sure your customers are safe with high quality SSL checkout encryption.
  • Checkout Management
    With our eCommerce platform you can build a checkout that suits your brand.

Support international sales with eTailThis


International sales are becoming more and more important for online stores for both the B2B and B2C customers of eTailThis, so we’ve designed our eCommerce solution to deliver everything you need for efficient sales transactions with overseas customers.

eTailThis provides full support for localization, multiple currencies and tax rates, giving you everything that you need to appeal to an international clientèle. Language support includes accented characters, right to left text and a wide variety of other linguistic features to suit customers of any nation.

With the eTailThis eCommerce system you can configure which countries can register on your site, where your products can be shipped in that country and specify what billing addresses match with what payment method, allowing you to reach the audience you want.

The EU single market has made it simpler for retail customers but not always simple for retailers so we offer European Union VAT-ID validation to automatically apply the correct tax rules according to VAT customer groups as part of our eCommerce package, while our EU cookie notification renders the EU Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive compliance process a little simpler by displaying an opt-in message at the top of your storefront.

If you’re planning on adding international branches to your online sales system, we can help you get your message out properly. We will work with a team of translators to create content that suits your brand identity, no matter which sections of the international market you want to target.

  • Support International Clients
    Our eCommerce system makes it easier than ever to sell your products abroad.
  • Supply any Country
    Our eCommerce system includes support for every major alphabet and language.
  • Choose where to serve
    You can choose exactly which countries you want to sell to with our system.
  • Multiple Payment Methods
    Our eCommerce system lets you support a range of different payment types.
  • Simple Tax Estimates
    Our eCommerce system automatically calculates international tax and shipping.
  • International Content
    eTailThis can help you create quality content in multiple languages.

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