Manage customers with the eTailThis eCommerce system

The most efficient customer management with eTailThis


Offering a personalised and consistent service to your online customers is a key advantage in the retail battleground for eCommerce stores. The more you provide a relevant, consistent and engaging retail experience the more customer loyalty you’ll establish, improving your sales and decreasing costs.

Customer management is an integral part of our eCommerce solution, with our system giving you a fully rounded view of all your customers across all sales channels. Without an integrated view of all channels, it’s almost impossible to have a complete understanding of your customer transactions and preference, with customer, order and product inventory data all stored in separate channels. The eTailThis system can integrate all of your customer data on a single platform, making sure that you get a complete picture of how customers interact with your site.

With eTailThis you can build detail-rich customer profiles based on past retail behaviours and interactions. Share that valuable data with your sales and marketing teams to create target segments for focused and personalised upsell and cross-sell campaigns, resulting in improved sales and return on investment. Targeted marketing is an effective way of growing customer satisfaction and improving retention.

Key customer management features


Attracting New Customers

eTailThis makes it easy for you to attract new customers to your site, with our complete solution for online sales including everything from the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques that bring your site up the search rankings to a high quality front end for your online store. Keep customers interested in your store with great customer management from eTailThis.

Visitor Remarketing / Retargeting Ads

After a potential customer visits your site, you can bring them back to make another purchase using a few different marketing techniques. Remarketing lets you create adverts that follow users around, reminding them about your site, while email marketing lets you inform those on your mailing list about your best offers and more. At eTailThis we can help you manage a successful advertising campaign to keep your users coming back.


Simplify Customer Service

The eTailThis platform makes customer service easy. By pulling all interactions with customers into unified files, we make it easy for your team to help out customers, ensuring that there’s no time wasted when it comes to giving your users the best shopping experience available. Stand out from your competitors with high quality customer service using our eCommerce system.

Personalise your customer management with eTailThis


The growth of online sales has hugely changed how consumers interact with businesses. Now more than ever, visitors to your site expect a consistent and engaging customer experience. You can’t just rely on marketing tactics to please your customers – your entire site from front end to back office needs to provide customers with an outstanding experience.

With the eTailThis system, customer management is made easy, letting you easily personalise offers for your customers and simplify the whole process of customer management. Maintain positive relationships with your customers and you’ll see improved customer retention and sales.

Traditionally eCommerce platforms only gave a partial image of your customer’s lifetime value but eTailThis goes beyond that. Our eCommerce solution gives you a complete understanding of the profitability of each of your customers over time.

When you can quantify promotional and marketing costs and product margin, you can make informed decisions about marketing spend so you’re always targeting the most profitable sales avenues and customer segments.

  • Consistent Experience
    eTailThis ensures that your customers get the same high quality service across your site.
  • Powerful Websites
    Websites built with our eCommerce platform offer convenience and easy user journeys.
  • Simplify Customer Management
    Our eCommerce system is built for convenience, and lets you easily view customer data.
  • Managing Customer Relations
    By giving your customers personalised service you’ll keep them making purchases.
  • Understand your Customers
    With our system, you’ll understand exactly how customers use and relate to your site.
  • Improve your Marketing
    Customer management gives you the demographic data you need for marketing.

Set up customer accounts with eTailThis

The growing popularity of online shopping has made it easy for your potential customers to compare different prices and offers, which means that you need a way to attract shoppers to your site and keep them coming back.

At eTailThis we can help you attract customers to your site with high quality digital marketing and multi-channel sales, and our eCommerce platform makes sure that visitors to your site will be far more likely to buy from you than from anywhere else.

The front end of stores built with our eCommerce platform offer a smooth, convenient user journey from their initial visit to your site to actually making a purchase. We’ve made it easy for customers to set up accounts with your store, and offer a huge range of options for those who sign up.

The features of Customer Accounts with eTailThis include:

  • Account dashboard
  • Address book with unlimited addresses
  • Wish list with ability to add comments
  • Order status and history
  • Re-orders from account
  • Recently ordered items
  • Default billing and shipping addresses
  • Email or send RSS feed of wish list
  • Newsletter subscription management
  • Product reviews submitted
  • Product tags submitted
  • Downloadable/digital products

Simplify Customer Service with eTailThis


Providing exceptional customer service can really be what separates you from your eCommerce competitors.

To provide the best possible customer service across every channel you need to provide your sales, support and service teams with access to real-time customer data and that’s what you get with eTailThis eCommerce. The eCommerce solution from eTailThis collects every interaction your customers have with your business online or offline.

Your support staff can see every interaction in one place, allowing them to understand your customers better and provide a consistent and informative service across multiple channels. Along with making your role in customer support far easier, eTailThis provides your customers with a complete package for self service.

The password-protected online self-service customer centre in our eCommerce system gives customers the ability to manage invoicing and addresses, order history and their product track order status without your direct intervention.

The features for the Customer Accounts part of the eTailThis eCommerce include the following:

  • Contact Us form
  • Create and edit orders from the admin panel
  • Feature-rich customer accounts
  • Order history with status updates
  • Order tracking from account
  • Password reset email from front-end and admin panel
  • Order and account update emails
  • Customizable transactional emails
  • Stand Above the Competition
    With high quality customer management you’ll keep customers coming back.
  • Real-Time Data
    Our eCommerce system always brings you up to date and accurate information.
  • Single Stop Service
    The eTailThis platform places all customer information in a single, simple area.
  • Simplify Customer Service
    With eTailThis, you can see every customer interaction in one area for easy support.
  • Custom Levels
    You can set individual permission levels for your staff managing customer service.
  • Complete Customer Service
    eTailThis makes it easy to give your customers the high quality service they need.

Visitor Remarketing / Retargeting and email marketing


Extending the consumer life cycle for those who visit your site is an important way to maximise your profits. Customer interaction with your site doesn’t have to end at one purchase, and at eTailThis we can help you maximise sales by bringing customers and visitors back to your site to make purchases.

Remarketing is one of the most effective ways to keep consumers coming back. Once people visit your site once, you can set up remarketing adverts which essentially follow them round the internet, showing up on most sites that accept advertising. This is a highly successful form of marketing, and eTailThis can help you create a campaign that ensures that you make the most of visitors reaching your site.

If a customer sets up an account with your store, you can keep them updated about special offers, remind them about products left in their shopping cart and more, bringing them back to make purchases. Running an email advertising campaign successfully requires an expert touch, so that your communications don’t seem like spam, and the eTailThis eCommerce system makes it easy to create high quality email advertising.

  • Customer Life Cycle
    eTailThis keeps your customers returning again and again with powerful site design.
  • Boost Sales and Satisfaction
    Our eCommerce system ensures that your customers get excellent service.
  • Remarketing Campaigns
    A well managed remarketing campaign from eTailThis keeps your site on visitors’ minds.
  • Constant Awareness
    Retargeting ads appear round the internet, so you can target people almost anywhere.
  • Email Marketing
    Email marketing lets you send offers and info to those who sign up for your site.
  • Digital Marketing
    eTailThis are certified experts in digital marketing, from retargeting to SEO and PPC.

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