EDI Integration with the eTailThis eCommerce Solution

Seamless EDI Integration with eTailTis eCommerce


A trouble-free connection between online retailers and their suppliers is vital for successful eCommerce and Electronic Data Interchange integration is an important component of that relationship. EDI is essentially about uniting differently laid out data sets into a single shared format. As an example, product data from multiple suppliers may come in multiple formats, so an EDI integration would create a single format that encompasses all that data.

The eTailThis eCommerce solution was designed with EDI in mind, bringing retailers, suppliers and most importantly customers together by standardising the ordering process and facilitating the computer-to-computer exchange of business documents between retailer and supplier. Our eCommerce platform was built on a single feed of product data from a range of major distributors, which completely eliminates many of the difficulties of online sales for a convenient and powerful eCommerce solution.

Our eCommerce solution is the solution you’ve been looking for. eTailThis simplifies EDI integration by leveraging the Magento API to deliver an automated end-to-end solution so communication between supplier and retailer is seamless and secure. With complete vendor compliance with major retailers, automatic synchronisation of inventory, tracking and invoices with trading partners, the eTailThis platform is the very first total solution for your eCommerce needs.

EDI Integration Benefits


EDI integration reduces costs

The sheer convenience of EDI integration is enough to completely change your company’s performance. You’ll be able to drastically cut costs while avoiding all of the problems that can come up with manual work. The eTailThis eCommerce platform was built for pure convenience, letting you easily fulfil even the most complicated orders, while giving your customers a consistent and accurate set of information.

Complete convenience for IT and Office Supplies

Our eCommerce system is based around a single unified feed which brings together product data from a wide range of major suppliers in the IT and office supplies world. From Spicers and VOW to Exertis and Beta Distribution, we’ve partnered with some of the most important names around to let you stock a complete range of products.


Improving relationships with Distributors

By giving you quicker, more efficient order fulfilment, our eCommerce system improves your relationship with distributors, whether you stock products from one source or several suppliers. You can easily add new products to your feed, quickly process orders and give your customers total convenience while building stronger relationships with your suppliers.

Reduce Costs with EDI Integration


Every year, EDI transactions worldwide reach over $20 billion, with the market growing every year. The sheer convenience of Electronic Data Integration makes it absolutely necessary for any eCommerce store.

With eTailThis EDI integration your business will see an increase in the speed of order processing. Manual processes such as data entry are dispensed with so you can process more orders in less time. Data will be more accurate as it is no longer liable to human error due to lost orders, incorrect telephone orders or illegible faxes. Your admin staff won’t have to spend time dealing with customer disputes over data veracity.

You’ll save money with the convenience of EDI with eTailThis, while providing your customers with unmatched convenience. Our eCommerce backend means that your store is constantly synced up with major distributors, containing accurate product data and stock information to make sure that your customers always know what’s in stock and can search through accurate data about your products, making them more likely to make a purchase.

  • A Growing Market
    eCommerce is a consistently growing market, with huge potential for profit.
  • Power and Convenience
    The eTailThis eCommerce system gives you complete convenience for online sales.
  • Save Time and Money
    Our eCommerce system automates a number of time consuming activities.
  • Guaranteed Accuracy
    Our eCommerce solution ensures that you don’t suffer from human error.
  • Customer Satisfaction
    Your customers will love the convenience of using our eCommerce platform.
  • Distributor Synchronisation
    eTailThis keeps your catalogues synced with your suppliers at all times.

EDI integration for Office Supplies and IT companies

Here at eTailThis we’ve already teamed up with the major distributors of the office supplies and IT sectors, unifying all of their data standards with a single EDI integration. This means that business to consumer (B2C) companies get a system built for pure convenience, with a united feed making it easier than ever to offer products from multiple distributors.

We’re dedicated to providing complete convenience for every type of business, so distributors can also benefit. By incorporating your product feed into our unified database, you’ll be able to show off your products to a huge potential audience, meaning more sales for your business.

Below you’ll find some information on just a few of the major distributors who are part of our unified product data feed.


Improve Supplier relationships with EDI integration


The eTailThis eCommerce system was built to allow you to significantly improve your relationships with suppliers. Our single- feed product database lets you sell products from multiple suppliers, creating new and valuable relationships while bringing in increased orders as customers keep coming back to your site to reorder.

Every part of the eTailThis platform was built for convenience, from the customer- friendly front end to the highly customisable back end. Our system makes it easier than ever to fulfill orders with suppliers, with an automated dropship process, order splitting by distributor and quick order processing letting you easily stay on top of your orders.

Our eCommerce platform lets you drastically improve supply chain efficiency, making your business perform far better. Sites built using our platform are designed around major Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques, meaning that you’ll see more orders coming in as your site gets more and more visible.

  • Supplier Management
    With eTailThis you’ll always be connected to suppliers with up to date data.
  • Keep Customers Returning
    Our eCommerce system gives you all you need to make multiple sales to customers.
  • Customer Convenience
    Your customers get a simple user journey, powerful search and more features.
  • Business Convenience
    Your business will benefit from easy content, customer and catalogue management.
  • Easy Order Fulfilment
    Our eCommerce solution speeds up order fulfilment and delivery.
  • Increased Efficiency
    eTailThis drastically improves your store’s performance and speed.

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