Sell your products through multiple channels

Improving your business with Multi- channel eCommerce


Multi-channel eCommerce is all about using a range of sites to sell your merchandise. Regardless of how successful your business is, you can reach a wider audience by offering your products for sale on other sites with more shoppers. Integrating your product listings with major eCommerce sites like Amazon and Google Shopping lets you improve profits and increase overall sales.

At eTailThis, we’re committed to providing convenient eCommerce solutions for resellers, so we’ve designed our eCommerce platform to include the option to immediately integrate your product line with major sales channels, and we’ve brought you this page to show you why and how to commit to multi- channel eCommerce.

With the eTailThis eCommerce system you can compile orders from a whole host of sales channels into one simple site for order management and fulfilment, giving you the convenience you need to efficiently manage your eCommerce business as a whole.

A lot of customers are unwilling to spend time signing up for new sites to make a purchase, and having multi- channel sales options means that you’ll be able to make sales to those potential customers. By letting your customers purchase through established marketplaces you’ll improve overall sales and profit, retaining customers who would drop out otherwise.

Key aspects of multi-channel marketing


Giving customers more choices

By providing your customers with a range of different options for making a purchase, you’ll be able to diversify your sales, improving profit while retaining satisfied customers.

Improve Conversion Rates

It might seem unusual, but in practice you’ll find that many customers are unwilling to register payment details and click through to make a purchase due to the effort of filling out forms. By allowing them to use an established payment system, you’ll see a large improvement in overall conversion rates.


Easy integration

With the eTailThis system, you can easily integrate your product listings with big names like eBay, Google Shopping and Amazon. With the sheer ease of adding your feed to major product channels, you’ll see an increase in exposure and sales without any real difficulty.

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Integrate Multi-Channel Sales through the eTailThis eCommerce System


Engaging with your customers across multiple channels is a vital part of a successful eCommerce strategy in the modern day. The majority of online customers use major marketplaces, many of them shopping exclusively through sites like Amazon and eBay when it comes to online purchases.

Taking advantage of the latest trends in online shopping is essential to reaching the top of the field in your specific sales sector, and at eTailThis we’ve designed our eCommerce system to let you present a united front across multiple sales channels.

The one potential downside of multi- channel sales is the fees charged by major sales channels. If you’ve ever sold something on eBay or Amazon, you’ll have seen that the sites take a percentage from your sale, which can eat into your profit margins.

The improved sales figures you’ll see with an integrated multi-channel solution usually outweigh these costs, but we’ve left the integration as a choice for businesses signing up with our eCommerce system. Integrating your product feed with major marketplaces is easy with eTailThis, so you can change over at practically any time.

The eTailThis eCommerce system integrates with all major third party channels, including Amazon Marketplace, Google Shopping and eBay along with many more sales channels.

  • Support all major channels
    With our eCommerce solution, you can advertise on every major 3rd party channel.
  • Convenient integration
    eTailThis lets you easily add your products to any major shopping channel.
  • Improve sales and awareness
    With your products on third party channels, you’ll start to make more sales.
  • Can display on smaller shops
    You don’t have to limit sales to the big names, and can advertise on smaller sites.
  • Improve Business Traffic
    Search Engine Optimisation tools are a basic feature of our eCommerce solution.
  • Increase Conversions
    Our site improves conversions by giving your users total convenience.

Present your Wares in Other Online Marketplaces

In a multi-channel sales and marketing strategy you can’t just depend on a single channel for sales. That’s why with eTailThis you can link into other marketplaces to sell your wares through product feed syndication. You can connect with major online stores like Amazon, eBay and Google Shopping along with a host of other online marketplaces.

The eTailThis eCommerce Solution lets you easily upload your product feed to price comparison engines like Google Product Search,, and where your products will be displayed in the lists of offers for purchase. But to make sure your sales deals are high up those lists, eTailThis works with you to create the most effective product feed to attract more buyers to your online store.

The eTailThis advanced feed manager supports all the major feed formats for price comparison engines. Our eCommerce Solution also includes large-scale opportunities for filtering the uploaded products based on attributes and performance filters. Through eTailThis eCommerce you can also export different data and prices for each feed or store and we support the creation of dynamic attributes and category mapping.

Learn more how to sell through product feed syndication in the eTailThis eCommerce System.

Google Shopping and eTailThis


eTailThis gets the most out of Google Shopping so you can drive sales in the right direction. Google Shopping, integrated with AdWords and Google Merchant Centre, is a valuable eCommerce channel for both B2B and B2C retailers.

Multi-channel eCommerce wouldn’t be complete without Google Shopping. When you sell your products on Google you can drive more sales by bringing your catalogues to the attention of shoppers with Product Listing Ads, connecting more easily to potential customers. Google Shopping results use photos and tend to draw more attention than other text ads on the page. Search results on this eCommerce marketplace also sends searchers directly to product listings making your job of sales conversion far easier.

Integrating Google Shopping into your eCommerce Platform is far more straightforward with eTailThis. We are Google experts and a certified Google Partner so our powerful and flexible eCommerce solution has been designed to work well with the most demanding of online platforms.

Extend your eCommerce reach on Google Shopping through the eTailThis online sales platform.

  • Certified Experts
    The eTailThis team are all Google certified experts at marketing.
  • Google Shopping
    Advertise your products directly to those searching for similar items.
  • Interested Customers
    Google Shopping lets you reach customers actively looking for your products.
  • Rich Content
    You can include images and details on Google Shopping listings.

Amazon Marketplace integration with eTailThis


A key part of multi-channel eTailing is Amazon Marketplace. Amazon itself is one of the highest grossing eCommerce global sites and exposure can massively boost online orders through increased online presence. Being on Amazon Marketplace you can sell your products alongside Amazon’s and give them exposure to millions of Amazon customers. Using Amazon Marketplace also enables easy measurement of cost per acquisition and customer life cycle once they make a purchase with your own online business via that channel.

Being on Amazon Marketplace is important for your business but seamless integration with your eCommerce system is key for your ability to draw in and retain new and existing customers. The eCommerce solutions that eTailThis offers are designed to ensure ease of use and reliability for your customer and provide you with a single interface to control all your products no matter where they’re sold.

eTailThis puts our knowledge of the most effective Amazon Marketplace sales strategies at your disposal so you can maximise sales through the minimum of effort and expense. Our integrated eCommerce solution enables effective Merchant Account setup including manually-defined settings for Amazon’s Seller Central, an accurate Merchant Profile for your eCommerce business as well as a unique storefront layout.

eTailThis also provides support for Product Setup including image feeds, accurate price feeds and regularly updated inventory feeds while also offering full order Management for your eCommerce business.

Learn more on how to be in the Amazon Marketplace through eTailThis eCommerce.

  • Amazon Integration
    Amazon reaches millions of shoppers every day, giving you a huge audience.
  • Seamless Integration
    eTailThis lets you easily integrate your product feed with Amazon.
  • Set up Rich Content
    With eTailThis, you can add multimedia content to your Amazon Adverts.
  • Expert Management
    At eTailThis we can create you an Amazon marketing campaign that really works.

Add your products to eBay with eTailThis


eBay has to be an important part of your multi-channel eCommerce strategy. With more than 15 million customers and more than 10 million products on offer at any one time, eBay is an ideal online presence for any company wishing to extend their eCommerce reach and drive sales online.

Promote your business while improving your online credibility and increase sales. What’s not to like about that eBay eCommerce proposition? And eCommerce integration with eBay is much easier if you take advantage of eTailThis’s expertise. With our eCommerce systems you can control all of your eBay listings from a single interface and make the entire online retail process so much simpler.

Retain control across all your online retail channels including eBay from one centralised fully integrated interface when you apply the eTailThis multi-channel solution. With our eCommerce system you can manage stock and order processing, order fulfilment, shipping and payments through the eTailThis cross channel platform. Automate uniquely eBay elements like second-chance offers, best offers and counter offers with eTailThis. We also provide highly effective eBay store designs to foster your brand online and maintain consistent branding across your multi-channel marketing strategy.

Learn more how to sell more effectively with eBay through the eTailThis eCommerce Platform.

  • Reach a huge audience
    eBay is one of the most popular eCommerce stores, with millions of products.
  • Stand out on eBay
    eTailThis can help you make your product listings bring in customers.
  • Easy channel management
    Our eCommerce system lets you manage all your shopping channels from one place.
  • Brand Identity
    No matter where you’re selling, eTailThis will maintain consistent branding.

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