Dynamic Multi- level enhanced search with eTailThis

Enhanced search functions for eCommerce convenience


The vast majority of online shoppers will browse through your sales catalogue using a product search so it’s vital that your on-site search is as effective as possible to drive increased sales and customer acquisition. The eTailThis eCommerce solution gives you a high quality enhanced search platform that gives your customers the convenience that leads to increased sales.

eTailThis multi-level dynamic search delivers faster search results, a decrease in server load and consequently much more trustworthy results. Customers need an accurate and detailed search function to make purchase decisions, and that’s just one of the features that our eCommerce platform offers.

Our eCommerce System uses Sphinx, a fully integrated external search engine running on our Magento-based platform so your customers can easily find what they’re looking for and move quickly to the checkout.

With eTailThis you can configure the search and index components in the most appropriate way for your eCommerce store including wildcard search, morphology processing, matching misspellings and all the filtering and layering any customer could need.

Key enhanced search features


Sphinx Search Engine

The eTailThis eCommerce search engine was built on the Sphinx system, a popular and powerful search engine used by many major sites. Sphinx can handle any volume of searches, with some sites seeing hundreds of millions of searches every day. Sphink gives your visitors the convenience they need to decide on a purchase from your site.

Complete Site Convenience

The eTailThis platform doesn’t just offer complete convenience for sales. Our eCommerce solution includes everything you need to make sure that visitors to your site make a purchase, from a convenient user journey to the ability to order products from multiple suppliers, reorder with ease and far more.


Quality Product Data and Content

We’ve partnered with one of the UK’s leading product data and content providers Open Range who are specialists at providing eCommerce and eProcurement systems with the valuable product information for IT Resellers, Office Supplies Dealers and Consumer Electronic retailers.

Give your customers the most detailed search possible


Enhanced search behaviours help any online merchant convert potential customers to sales, and with eTailThis you’ll get the very best search system on the market. The eTailThis multi-level dynamic search delivers everything you need from your site search.

Our enhanced search uses Sphinx, an open source full text search server. Sphinx has a well-deserved reputation of delivering trustworthy search results as seen by its use on many different popular websites like Craigslist.org, Tumblr.com and Groupon. Using a Sphinx search engine can increase the conversion of visitors who are looking for something to customers by more than 50% by making sure that they find exactly what they’re looking for.

But what exactly does Sphinx search do as part of the eTailThis eCommerce Platform?

Sphinx combines features like spelling-correction, autocomplete and suggestions into a single operating platform of high-performance and convenient search for your online store providing highly relevant results in a fraction of a second. Sphinx can handle any volume of searches when required with an ability to handle tens of billions of documents and hundreds of millions search queries per day.

With Sphinx and eTailThis your visitors will find the products they’re looking for, resulting in improved sales and profits.

  • High Quality Search
    Having a good search engine means better satisfaction and more completed sales.
  • Sphinx Search
    The Sphinx Search Engine lets your customers find exactly what products they want.
  • Complete Scaling
    Our eCommerce platform and search engine work for any size of site.
  • Powerful Features
    Sphinx includes a range of optional features from corrections to suggestions.
  • Refine Searches
    Our search engine lets customers refine searches easily, without having to start over.
  • International Support
    Our eCommerce system easily supports practically every language.

Customer-Friendly Searches from eTailThis

Enhanced search with eTailThis brings you a lot of features designed to improve your customer acquisition and increase return on investment (ROI).

Our eCommerce search stands above the competition, and finds the products that visitors are actually looking for. Many times your customers won’t know the exact spelling of a particular product, so the eTailThis system corrects all misspelled words according to your customised morphology dictionary or allows your visitors find the required product by part of the word. An incorrect spelling shouldn’t lead to a missed sale. eTailThis also includes stop word removal and hitless indexing as well as synonym processing, exceptions and blended characters.

With our eCommerce multi-level dynamic search you can also define whether the search results will match all query words, any of the query words or a phrase which matches precisely. To make sure you provide for international customers eTailThis provides full support for all global languages. We want to ensure your customers will always hit on the right product in your online store no matter what their native language is.

In addition eTailThis has much better relevance search rankings than our competitors, as our enhanced search package supports keyword frequencies, keyword proximity and ranks closer phrase matches higher with perfect matches ranked on top.

The search rankings you use for your online store are flexible so you can change them to suit your different eCommerce outlets. On the eTailThis eCommerce Platform you can also search by category names, tags or by associated SKUs.

Some customers use the search facility on your eCommerce site as a first step in their shopping quest, perhaps starting with a generic term like ‘tablets’ before evolving to ‘Android tablets’ and so on. It’s impossible of course to anticipate every conceivable search chain but you can offer search result filters and layers so your customer can refine their searches without having to start over.

Enhanced search with eTailThis means giving your customers options to refine so they are more likely to find the product they want to buy from your website. Our mission to improve your eCommerce customer acquisition also includes the provision of a quick view option in the search results which has been shown to boost sales significantly.

Finally with the eTailThis eCommerce platform we provide high searching speeds of over 500 queries/sec against 1,000,000 SKUs so your customers don’t have to wait to see all your online store has to offer.


Boost sales with a convenient user journey


Having the best search engine for your eCommerce site isn’t the only step in maximising your sales and satisfying your customers. In the modern day, online shoppers want total convenience, and with the eTailThis system, you’ll be able to give them exactly what they’re looking for.

Every part of our eCommerce platform was built for convenience, with the front end of every store built on our system using a responsive and informative design that makes it easy for your customers to find what they’re looking for, set up an account and check out however they want.

The eTailThis platform is based on a single feed of product listings, so you can offer your customers products from practically every distributor around, while automatic order splitting makes order fulfilment completely easy!

Whether you’re a small business or a larger company, our eCommerce platform can improve your sales, site performance and customer satisfaction.

  • Total Convenience
    Our eCommerce platform gives you and your customers absolute convenience.
  • Responsive Design
    Sites built with eTailThis work on every platform, from desktops to smartphones.
  • Simple Journeys
    By making it easy to get from initial visit to final purchase, we improve sales.
  • Order Fulfilment
    Quick communication with suppliers makes for rapid delivery and satisfaction.
  • Expand Product Range
    With eTailThis you can easily start selling products from any distributor.
  • Easy Checkout
    eTailThis gives your customers a range of checkout options to maximise sales.

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