Order management and fulfilment guide from eTailThis

Managing and Fulfilling orders to your online business


Managing and fulfilling orders efficiently is more important than ever in the present day. With people expecting fast turnaround times on their orders, you need an efficient way to manage orders, particularly if you’re selling your products through multiple sales channels like eBay and Amazon. The eTailThis eCommerce platform was built specifically for convenience in the world of online sales, giving resellers and their customers a simple and comprehensive platform.

Our eCommerce system drastically simplifies order management and fulfilment, with efficient and dynamic order management putting everything in a single place so that you can easily fulfil event the most difficult orders. By using the eTailThis system you can easily give your customers the high level of service that they expect, building customer loyalty by providing a truly competitive service.

Important features of order management and fulfilment


Convenient EDI integration

The eTailThis system uses a single unified data feed to make it easy to fulfil orders using multiple suppliers. By integrating all the different sets of electronic data provided by distributors, we make it easy for you to fulfil customer orders.

Automatic email ordering

Our eCommerce system was designed to include automatic email confirmation of orders, with segmented information about an order being immediately sent to a distributor so that they can fulfil your order without any confusion in cases where multiple distributors offer the same product.


Simplified batch ordering

We designed our eCommerce system for complete convenience. When you use our system, you won’t have to go through orders one by one, but can easily process multiple orders as a batch. Fulfil any number of orders without difficulty with eTailThis.

Fulfil orders effectively with the eTailThis eCommerce system


With the eTailThis eCommerce system in place you can consistently and efficiently fulfil orders across multiple channels and distributors, all because of our single data feed and convenient order management design.

Our eCommerce solution includes cross-channel order management, flexible order fulfilment options and auto-email ordering and batch file processing as well as effective supplier EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) integration. EDI is essentially based around converting multiple different data feeds into a single set, so that you don’t need to worry about converting standards and contacting multiple distributors – the eTailThis single- feed database does that automatically.

By fulfilling orders efficiently with the eTailThis eCommerce solution, you can increase sales and improve brand loyalty, with satisfied customers likely to return to make repeat orders through your site. With convenient and seamless cross- channel interaction fulfilling orders is made truly simple.

Our eCommerce system automatically breaks down orders by supplier, so your customers can easily make purchases from multiple distributors at once. Decrease operating costs and get a more efficient order fulfilment solution with eTailThis.

Learn more about eTailing order fulfilment.

  • Easily manage and fulfil orders
    Our eCommerce solution was built to save you time with management.
  • Full integration with suppliers
    The eTailThis system synchronises stock with major IT and office suppliers.
  • Simple Batch Processing
    Our eCommerce solutions lets you easily process any number of orders.
  • Automatic email ordering
    The eTailThis system automates order fulfilment for customer satisfaction.
  • Consistent and reliable performance
    Our eCommerce system gives you and your clients total convenience.
  • Easily manage all sizes of order
    Large and split orders are both easily managed with our eCommerce platform.

Supplier Electronic Data Interchange integration

To give your customers the efficiency they’re looking for, your site needs to be EDI compliant with your retail trading partners, and the eTailThis system is the perfect eCommerce answer. We’ve designed our eCommerce system to connect your online store with your retail suppliers for full automation. With eTailThis EDI purchase orders are received and automatically created as orders, giving you an end-to-end EDI solution.

Whether it’s an inventory check, purchase order, invoice or advances shipping notice (ASN), eTailThis allows you to handle any EDI transaction you or your trading partners require. With convenient order management being a basic part of our eCommerce system we deliver smooth communication with your retail partners so you can meet both trading partner and industry requirements.

Supplier EDI integration with eTailThis eliminates the need to re-key order information, which saves time and reduces errors. You can swiftly achieve vendor compliance with major retailers and open new sales and distribution channels. Our eCommerce Solution includes automatic synchronisation of inventory, tracking, and invoices with your partners, so the tedium of data entry is put away for good.

Integrate your EDI partner communications with eTailThis eCommerce.


Automatic Email Ordering


Send your purchase orders to your suppliers or manufacturers automatically with the eTailThis eCommerce system. Each purchase order is split by supplier and each supplier receives only the information they require by automated email.

The purchase order information that can be sent as soon as an order is made includes Email Address, Order Number, Product Name, SKU, Purchase Price and Purchase Date. With eTailThis the order management module allows you to keep some products in your own stock if you want and our eCommerce system also allows you not to assign a vendor to all products.

The eTailThis order management and fulfilment system supports orders placed from both the one-page checkout and multi-shipping checkout. Emails can be also be customized with our email template system and you can assign an individual template for each supplier.

Our eCommerce solution was built for total convenience and customisation, giving you a huge range of options while ensuring high quality performance at all times.

  • Automatic Orders
    eTailThis stores automatically send order information to suppliers.
  • Order Splitting
    Our system automatically splits orders and sends information to distributors.
  • Checkout Options
    The simple eTailThis checkout lets customers easily make orders.
  • Order Tracking
    With an account set up, customers can track orders with eTailThis.
  • Email Customisation
    You can easily design custom email order templates with eTailThis.
  • Convenient Ordering
    Our eCommerce solution ensures convenient ordering to boost conversions.

Batch Files Simply with the eTailThis eCommerce Solution


Make your business more efficient by simplifying the processing of batch order files. Save your admin team hours every day processing orders. With our eCommerce system you don’t have to open each order individually and process them individually, but now you can process all your orders in batches.

With eTailThis you can create invoices and shipments, add tracking numbers to orders, complete orders and change the order status for multiple orders all at the same time. You can also add tracking numbers to shipments when shipping orders in bulk. You can even automate your customer order notification by setting options so that your customer is kept in the ordering loop at all times without you having to manage that communication process.

  • Save Time and Money
    Convenient order management from eTailThis saves you both time and money.
  • Batch Ordering
    You can organise large quantities of orders with ease through eTailThis.
  • Bulk Processing
    Your staff and customers will both appreciate convenient order management.
  • Automatic Customer Alerts
    eTailThis lets you set up a range of different notifications for customers.
  • Improve Satisfaction
    Easy order management gives your customers better service, which means more sales.
  • Manage Online Sales
    eTailThis makes every part of eCommerce management far simpler and quicker.

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