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eTailThis eCommerce partners for more efficient distribution


It’s vital to have a partnership with a supplier if you’re a reseller in IT or office supplies, but with all suppliers offering different stock, prices and warehouse locations, just relying on a single distributor can be frustrating. With a standard eCommerce system it can be difficult to set up multiple supplier feeds, leaving many businesses unable to give their customers the best service possible.

At eTailThis we recognise the frustrations and difficulties that many resellers experience, so we’ve designed an eCommerce platform which completely removes the difficulty of organising multiple distributor feeds. We’ve partnered with the leading office supplies and IT distributors in UK and Ireland to create a single data feed for our eCommerce platform that makes sure that you can give your customers the best possible service.

Using our data feed you can seamlessly fulfil orders, keep your customers updated about stock levels and pricing, and even choose exactly what products you want from every major supplier in Ireland and the UK! Automatic updates, easy pricing and complete synchronisation give you the power you need to stand out in the marketplace.

Automatic SKU and MPN Mapping


Working with Spicers

As one of the leading distributors of Office Supplies and Office Equipment in the UK and Ireland, Spicers provides the reseller community with a wide range of office products with over 16000 stock lines across 300 vendors. Spicers has an annual turnover of £330 million and provides a wide range of services in addition to their office products. These services include logistical capabilities with 6 distribution centres as well as a broad range of product marketing information and catalogues. eTailThis works closely with office products distributor Spicers to provide resellers with focused and attractive product information to improve customer acquisition for your business.

Learn more about how the eTailThis eCommerce System integrates with Spicers.

Office supplies with VOW and eTailThis

VOW is one of the leading wholsesalers of office products and facilities supplies in the UK and Ireland distributing over 24,000 products from 3 distribution centres to service its varied customers. VOW has been established for over 40 years while its subsidiary OW Retail are a UK specialist in delivering office products to the retail industry.

Now part of the EVO Group with its 50,000 total customers, VOW supplies general office products, paper and computer consumables, cleaning and catering products, janitorial, health and safety, PPE, premises management, office furniture as well as a variety of technology and machines.

Learn more about eTailThis and its VOW eCommerce solution.


Beta Distribution & eTailThis

Set up over 30 years ago as a Canon calculator company, Beta Distribution PLC is now one of the UK’s largest independently owned IT products distributors. With sales revenues of over £120 million annually the Beta Distribution portfolio includes IT products like Data Storage products, Business Machines, Audio Visual products, Printer Supplies, Office Stationery and Digital Photography products.

Beta has direct trading relationships with many leading technology brand names including Xerox, Oki, Panasonic, Verbatim, Brother, Lacie, Quantum, Fuji and Maxell while they are also the UK’s largest Canon Distributor. Beta have a wide-ranging portfolio of remanufactured and alternative laser toner cartridges, including the exclusive Perfect Green and Eco brand, as well as Xerox Replacement Cartridges and the Media Sciences range.

Beta Distribution trades with over 2,500 resellers in the UK and now works alongside eTailThis in our integrated eCommerce Solutions.

Learn more about how Beta Distribution and eTailThis work together to provide eCommerce Solutions.

How the eTailThis eCommerce system can help your business


Managing and fulfilling orders can get complicated, especially if you’re dealing with multiple distributors and large numbers of orders. Even for small companies, errors can occur and leave you out of pocket. No matter what size your business is, the eTailThis eCommerce system simplifies the back end of your sales to make fulfilling orders easy.

Our single-feed eCommerce platform is integrated with all the major office supplies and IT distributors out there, making it easy to integrate your site with any number of distributors. By bringing together everything you need into a single convenient solution, we make it easier than ever to run an online business.

With our platform offering complete customisability to suit any situation, you can run multiple websites and manage different prices for certain types of purchaser (ideal if you sell to both businesses and customers) while saving time and money on order management.

  • Easy Order Management
    With our eCommerce system you can make order management and fulfilment far easier.
  • Automated Orders
    The eTailThis system stops errors and saves time with modern management.
  • Supplier Integration
    Our eCommerce platform lets you offer products from every major distributor.
  • Customisable Design
    With eTailThis you can build a site that suits your business perfectly.
  • Simple Management
    Our eCommerce platform simplifies managing pricing, products and more.
  • Content Management
    You can easily manage multiple sites using our eCommerce platform.

Supplier Integration with eTailThis

Mapping supplier product codes, manufacturer part numbers and other product information in to an eCommerce solution can be a painful and lengthy process. eTailThis and our strategic content partner Open Range we automatically map and synchronise your eCommerce stores product information.

Whoever you source your product ranges from to resell online our eTrade system works on multiple search values such as supplier product codes, manufacturer part numbers, brand name and description to match your product data up to display correctly on your online store.

Here are some of the suppliers we already automatically map product data to:


Exertis Integration with eTailThis


With a thirty-year-old track record, Exertis is a group of technology distribution and service businesses operating in the UK and Ireland. As one of Europe’s largest technology distribution and specialist service providers, Exertis partners with 350 global technology brands and over 14,000 resellers, eCommerce operators and retailers across the continent. That’s led to a global turnover of £2.3 billion and a business that continues to grow, turnover increasing by 22.4% in the last financial year.

Exertis is also part of DCC plc, a FTSE 250 company which specialises in international sales, marketing, distribution and business support services. It employs over 9,500 people worldwide with an annual turnover exceeding £10.5 billion.

Westcoast integrated with eTailThis


Founded in 1984, Westcoast has been distributing leading IT & mobile brands to a broad range of resellers, retailers and office product dealers in the UK and Ireland ever since. Westcoast is the leading UK distributor for many of its vendors and customers including HP, Toshiba and Samsung.

Consistently ranked in the Sunday Times Top 100 Largest Privately Owned UK Companies, Westcoast has also been rated 10th in a list of the fastest growing private companies in Europe according to Europe 500. With revenues increasing yearly, Westcoast now has a turnover of over £1 billion. Its product range covers IT, consumable, software and electrical sectors and Westcoast sells to large corporate commercial resellers, high street retailers, value-added system-integrators as well as many other vendors.

Learn more about Product Data Integration with Westcoast and eTailThis.

The integration of TechData with the eTailThis eCommerce Platform


TechData Corporation is one of the world’s largest wholesale distributors of technology products from leading hardware and software producers. 115,000 resellers use their technology and services in more than 100 countries. TechData generated $27.7 billion in net sales for the fiscal year ended January 31, 2015. It is ranked in the Fortune 500 and one of Fortune magazine’s “World’s Most Admired Companies.”

Its UK arm, TechData Limited, is the largest trade-only distributor of IT products in the UK and Ireland supplying over 10,000 customers with 30,000 products from leading vendors of IT products like HP, Microsoft and Cisco. TechData has been voted No.1 in the IT distribution industry for the last 10 consecutive years.

Learn more about how TechData works with eTailThis.

eTailThis, Antalis and Enta Tech


Antalis is Europe’s leading distributor of paper, packaging solutions and visual communication products for professionals. Antalis distributes throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland with 18 branches across the two countries. As one of the UK’s leading materials suppliers, Antalis has an annual turnover of £600 million. That’s due to handling 100,000 orders per month of a huge range of over 13,000 products including papers, envelopes and consumables, as well as packaging, promotional and visual communication materials. That adds up to 551,000 tonnes of paper sold into the marketplace every year.

Enta Tech are one of the UK’s leading IT product distributors and have been over their 25 years of industry experience. Enta offer over 10,000 individual IT products from over 90 manufacturers selling well-known brands such as Microsoft, Fujitsu, Philips and Intel as well as being the exclusive UK distributor brands like ZOTAC, Swann and Fractal Design. This B2B IT business also has which is a 24/7 business to business e-commerce platform giving their customers 24/7 access to their accounts and product promotions.

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