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eTailThis provides a range of eCommerce solutions and digital marketing services to a variety of industries. Whether you’re a reseller of IT or Office Supplies, Office Furniture or Facilities Management Supplies, eTailThis has an eCommerce Solution that can transform your business.

Whether you’re in the Business to Business or Business to Consumer sector eTailThis can enable your online business to improve delivery performance while reducing cost, streamline your ordering processes, provide clear visibility of stock levels, order status, product content and customer trends. Our eCommerce system gives you complete convenience for online sales, bringing you ahead of the competition.

eCommerce is still one of the fastest growing areas in the retail sector for both the UK, Ireland, Europe and the rest of the world with online retail sales in the UK alone expected to reach £52.3 billion by the end of 2015. This is a market you cannot afford to not be in, and eTailThis is the perfect choice whether you’re looking to add an online sales branch to your company or want to modernise your strategy to see the best possible results.

The world of online sales is a market where small businesses with an effective strategy can compete effectively with larger ones. Here at eTailThis we work with companies of all sizes, whether you run a single online store or multiple websites, creating high quality custom strategies that help you achieve the goals you want to reach. We work with you to make sure the integration of your retail business with our eCommerce system is simple and without fuss.

eTailThis offers a complete eCommerce solution, from a platform that provides convenience for customers, businesses and employees to a set of tried and tested digital marketing and eCommerce strategies which can place you above the competition.

eTailThis is the Perfect eCommerce choice for Businesses


Complete convenience for online sales

We’ve built an eCommerce solution that suits any kind of reseller of Office supplies, IT equipment and hardware and Facilities Management supplies. From those just starting out in business wanting the best of both online and off-line sales within the same solution, to those who want to get the best possible option for increasing sales and visibility. We offer complete customisability so that you can maintain your brand while getting the most powerful sales platform available.

eCommerce options for every business

eTailThis has something to offer every kind of business. From distributors to retail stores and service-based industries, everyone can benefit from the complete online sales solution that eTailThis offers when choosing an eCommerce solution from us. We offer a range of different eCommerce packages and choices to allow you to get a platform which meets all your business needs.


Expanding the scope of your business

Online sales success doesn’t have to be limited to your site itself. eTailThis offers a range of options for expanding your site’s potential, from listing your products and deals on third party sites like eBay and Amazon to creating successful digital marketing strategies that bring your company up the rankings to improve your profits and performance.

Complete convenience for reseller businesses


The eTailThis eCommerce platform works equally well with B2B and B2C companies. Our two eCommerce solutions are fully scalable and can run multiple websites, brands and channels using the same backend, customer relationship databases, product catalogues and merchant suppliers. If you run a multi-site business you can have dedicated B2C and B2B stores running alongside each other on the eTailThis eCommerce platform.

The eTailThis system is extensively customisable so you have you complete flexibility and control over the look, content and functionality of your eCommerce store. The eTailThis eCommerce Solution has intuitive administration tools that enable effective marketing, merchandising and content management for your website, providing a fully customised customer experience.

If you want a more efficient online business with quicker and more convenient customer transactions as well as increased sales opportunities through new sales channels like mobile eCommerce and multi-channel sales, there’s no better choice than eTailThis. We add real eCommerce value to your online store with over a decade of experience in improving online sales for our clients.

  • Business to Business
    B2B companies can easily develop personalised prices for clients via eTailThis.
  • Business to Consumer
    B2C companies will benefit from our customisable, user-friendly systems.
  • Expanded Industries
    Using our eCommerce solution, you can easily run and manage multiple sites.
  • Total Customisability
    You can customise practically every feature for a store that suits your brand.
  • Absolute Convenience
    Both the front and back ends of our eCommerce platform were built for convenience.
  • Modern Technology
    eTailThis will create you a modern site that’s built for expert performance.

The Modern Day eCommerce Solution for Resellers

The eTailThis eCommerce platform was built to be the market’s first comprehensive solution for your eCommerce needs. We’ve created a single- feed system which integrates product feeds from every major supplier in the IT and office supplies sectors, which means that you can easily offer products from multiple distributors to give your customers the best deals available.

We have designed our eCommerce solution to provide you and your customers with complete convenience when it comes to making orders. By giving your customers a modern and efficient site, you’ll see an increase in conversion rates, as more of your potential customers end up making a purchase through your site. The front end of our eCommerce system lets you easily display special offers, give your customers shipping estimates, use multiple different payment gateways, easily order for multiple addresses and reorder past purchases.

The eTailThis platform also provides complete convenience for you in the back end of your site. Our system automatically splits up orders by distributor, with batch order processing and automatic email confirmation making order management and fulfilment easy.

Our system was created on Magento, a powerful platform owned by eBay, giving you a solid base for your online sales.

Whichever distributor, wholesaler or supplier you work with we can their merchant feeds to synchronise with your eCommerce solution. Here are some of the leading UK suppliers we already provide integration with to ensure the eCommerce store from eTailThis is kept up to date with the right pricing and stock availability:


eTailThis eCommerce solutions for every business


No matter what kind of business you run, the eTailThis eCommerce platform gives you the total convenience you need to make online sales easy. Whether you’re a reseller, distributor or offer services, eTailThis can help you develop the online sales strategy that you need to maximise your potential profits.

For resellers, we’ve teamed up with all the major distributors in the IT and office supplies industries, and created an eCommerce platform that gives you a unique way to manage your relationship with distributors. Our system was built around a unique single feed for products, which integrates supply feeds from all the major distributors, letting you easily choose which products you offer on your site to give your customers the best possible deals.

Our eCommerce platform offers a convenient user journey for customers, making sure that you see a significant improvement in the number of completed transactions through your site, while giving you complete convenience in the back end. Our platform automatically splits orders by distributor, brings all your customer information into one area for convenient customer management, and has a whole host of features which make running your business easier than ever before.

Distributors can benefit from our powerfully designed sites, with advanced SEO techniques used to bring your site up the search rankings, making sure that potential business clients go to you rather than teaming up with your competition.

Companies based around offering services may not need parts of our eCommerce system like product data feeds, which is why we let you choose exactly what parts of our online sales offerings you want. Whether you’re looking for a complete site overhaul to bring you up the rankings, a complete digital marketing strategy or anything else, eTailThis is the best possible choice to improve your online performance.

  • Easy Online Sales
    eTailThis speeds up order fulfilment and improves order management.
  • Single Feed Solutions
    Our single feed makes catalogue management and expansion completely simple.
  • Synchronised Supply Feeds
    With our eCommerce system, you’ll always have accurate data about stock and more.
  • Resellers
    Give your customers a modern experience and easily manage your site.
  • Distributors
    Add your products to online stores easily and show off your best deals.
  • Service Providers
    Bring a new audience to your site with SEO and digital marketing from eTailThis.

Expand your business to multiple channels with eTailThis


With the eTailThis platform, it’s easy to offer your potential customers a range of ways to buy from you, maximising exposure and profits for your business.

Third party sites like Amazon Marketplace and eBay reach millions of customers every year, and by listing your products on there, you can take advantage of an unmatched audience looking for products like the ones you offer. The eTailThis system was built to allow you to quickly integrate your product feed with major third party marketplaces, improving your sales significantly.

At eTailThis, we always stress the value of keeping up with the latest developments in online sales. In recent years, the smartphone market has grown hugely, with a significant number of mobile users making up an important potential market. The most important step to selling your product to smartphone users is to create a site which works for mobile, rather than something which requires effort on the customer’s part. Every site built on our eCommerce system is responsive, which means that they display in a way that automatically adjusts to suit any kind of device, making sure that you don’t miss out on a large section of the market.

  • Third Party Channels
    You can show off your products to a huge new audience with 3rd party sellers.
  • Amazon Marketplace
    One of the best known online retailers, Amazon sees millions of buyers a year.
  • eBay
    One of the best known sites around, eBay gives you huge potential visibility.
  • Easy Integration
    With eTailThis you can easily add your products to third party sites.
  • Mobile Sales
    Responsive sites from eTailThis display perfectly on tablets, mobiles and PCs.
  • Maximise Sales
    Our eCommerce system makes sure that you don’t miss out on any market section.

Digital marketing solutions from eTailThis


No matter how good the deals you offer are, and how convenient your site is, if people don’t know about you, there’s no way they can make a purchase. Digital marketing lets you make your site synonymous with the services that you offer, bringing in new clients through a number of different methods.

Every site built on the eTailThis system is designed with Search Engine Optimisation in mind. SEO is a vital way to bring in customers for your site, essentially explaining exactly what your site offers to search engines so that you achieve a higher position in the search listings for relevant terms. By improving your search position, you’ll see a drastic increase in the number of customers visiting your site, which means more sales and increased profits.

If you’re interested in moving beyond the basics of digital marketing, eTailThis can help you improve your site’s visibility. We have over 10 years of experience in managing digital marketing campaigns for a huge range of clients, covering a huge number of market sectors. Whatever your business offers, our expert team at eTailThis can bring you right to the top. We’ll build you a customised digital marketing campaign that achieves the goals you want, with everything from Pay Per Click advertising to link building and content creation.

  • Increase Site Visibility
    With eTailThis you can easily bring your site up the search rankings.
  • Certain Success
    eTailThis has created successful ad campaigns across every market sector.
  • Basic SEO
    Our eCommerce system is designed for easy Search Engine Optimisation.
  • Paid Search Marketing
    We are Google certified experts in running Paid Search Marketing campaigns.
  • Link Building
    eTailThis can run link building campaigns that build your site’s reputation.
  • Custom Strategies
    At eTailThis we can build a digital strategy that achieves what you want.

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