1 to 150k+ SKU’s, Our eCommerce solution will easily power through those numbers with multi-supplier or warehouse integration, featured EDI dropship communication and marketplace selling too. Click eCommerce System for more info. 

Digital Marketing

Having great digital marketing strategy covering expertises in SEO, PPC, Social Media Engagement and Email marketing will help your online retail business maximise revenues and lower your cost per acquisition. Click Digital Marketing to learn more.

Paid Search Marketing

Pay Per Click advertising, done right first time will ensure you maximise your return on investment (ROI) from word go. With eTailThis that’s pretty much guaranteed and we’re an accredited Google Partner too, click paid advertising to learn more.

Product Data

Content is king and good quality product content is the key to success in an online retail world. By having the correct combination of product content and data will reward your online business with a great return on investment (ROI), click product data to read more.

 eTail eCommerce 

Every online retail business needs a solid eCommerce platform to ensure they can compete with emerging online marketing trends. As a business owner you should ask yourself ‘does my current eCommerce solution work with Google and Bing organic and paid search marketing method?’ If you answer NO, then our custom built Magento eCommerce platform does, 100% in every way! The goal for any etailer is ROI and you maximise ROI by been visible and efficient. Checkout what our Magento eCommerce solution provides today’s etailers.


 Pay Per Click (PPC)

Getting the best out of any Pay Per Click campaign when an online retailer  you really need to focus on a Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) and Customer Life Cycle (CLC). Here at eTailThis we believe there is nothing we don’t know about maximising PPC activity from search, display, remarketing, dynamic products and other techniques to ensure we are reducing your CPA and maximising our clients Pay Per Click budget. Online Marketing and online retailing whatever the product goes hand in hand with achieving the optimum CPA along with a target average order value. If you are looking for a tried and tested PPC strategy that works give eTailThis a call or send us a message.

 SEO Enabled

Everything starts with is SEO in mind. On-page, off-page, friendly urls, site structure, content, links and yes even how well your PPC campaigns will perform too. Maximising Search Engine Optimisation does help and support your paid search marketing activity too. Whether you’re looking for someone to manage your full SEO strategy, provide help and understanding to get you up to speed or dedicated SEO training to really get you going eTailThis is here to help. Read more about our digital marketing offering and understand why we don’t call ourselves an agency.


 Product Content Data

Content is king and that saying hasn’t changed in the 10 years we’ve been doing strategic digital marketing campaigns. We have our own specific content database that will help your website increase it’s online visibility in organic search, help your customers find what they want to buy and export easily in to product feed ‘if your eCommerce platform has that functionality, like ours does’. To summarise eTailThis can match over 1.1 million products that saves you time, money and maximise sales. If this is something you’d like to discuss in more detail with us at eTailThis give us a call or get in touch we’re here to help and make you money. 


Measurable and Strategic Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Trusted source of internet traffic
Having an optimised eCommerce website using ethical Search Engine Optimisation techniques is crucial to the longevity of all digital marketing campaigns. It has been reported that over 70% of internet users trust organic search results than paid.

This does not mean you should not look at paid marketing channels to maximise your current organic search traffic to your site by ensuring you have a robust remarketing strategy too more on this below.

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SEO Organic Search Results

Paid Search Marketing

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Targeted paid search marketing
Paid search marketing commonly known as Pay Per Click (PPC) is a fantastic marketing medium for any business wanting to target specific searches closely relating to their product or service offering. The difference of organic search with on average 30% of all search traffic this there is a lot of opportunity to target new customers.

Honesty first, I’ve seen ‘Joseph Gourvenec’ many businesses stung by PPC in my time and this is simply down to one of five reasons

1. Lack of knowledge.
2. Time management.
3. Not enough research conducted.
4. Poor performing website with Call to Actions (CTA’s).
5. No performance measurements or goals set.

What People Say About Us


Linsey Henshaw Head of Marketing - Good Relations Group

good relations logo

"Joe's breadth and depth of SEO and PPC knowledge helps companies to pinpoint the right approach to raise their search rankings. A lot of people know a little about search; Joe is one of the few who truly understand this discipline."

Connect with Joseph Gourvenec on Linkedin and see this recommendation

John Butters Director at InEvidence inEvidence - logo

I introduced Joe to a number of the clients across several industry sectors. Through his experience and expertise in search engine optimisation, Joe increased the number of sales leads they received and reduced their costs of customer acquisition through the generation of additional business through the web. I t was a pleasure to work with him.

Connect with Joseph Gourvenec on Linkedin and see this recommendation

Darren Mack Head of Online Services Vow Retail Part of Vasanta Group


"Joseph has an extensive knowledge of online media, online marketing and e-commerce which has been developed in a highly competitive ROI sensitive environment. He is comfortable not only in appraisal a nd audit of elements like PPC and SEO but doesn't shy away from making decisions to directly impact and i mprove business where required. Joe has a can do attitude and continues to be an asset and a team player on a number of expanding projects."

Richard Clein Founding Director Boxed Off – PR and Communications in Liverpool

For all things SEO, Joe makes it happen. He's up to date with all the latest tools and trends and it's difficult not to be enthused by his passion for this discipline. He has a strong track record of delivering SEO results for clients.

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Helen Chester - Post Office Channel Manager Vow Retail Part of Vasanta Group


Joe has completely overhauled a set of neglected search campaigns from previous external agencies, and re-built them from the bottom up for both PPC and SEO. He has a thorough knowledge of all the key drivers to achieve productive campaigns, and a keen interest in ensuring that ROI is central to all planning. Is pro-active in proposing ways to optimise his projects.

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