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Digital Marketing

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eTailThis offers expert digital marketing services from Search Engine Optimisation to Pay Per Click Marketing and Content Creation. We’ll plan a customised strategy to maximise your profits and visibility!

eCommerce Solutions

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Our eCommerce system is the first complete eCommerce package on the market. We’ve created a single data feed platform which gives you total convenience in order fulfilment, picking distributors and far more!

Product Data

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Providing your customers with consistent and full product information is vital in making a sale, and eTailThis has partnered with the biggest names in product data to give you detailed data on all of your products.

For Resellers

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Our eCommerce platform was built to give resellers and their customers total convenience. Easily change products, offer special rates and give your customers a simple user journey.

For Suppliers

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The eTailThis platform was designed for total convenience for suppliers, resellers and customers. Our eCommerce system automatically splits orders by distributor, letting you easily fulfil orders.

Pay Per Click Direct Online Marketing

Paid Search Marketing (PPC)

Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) is one of the most commonly used and most frequently misunderstood parts of online sales. By creating paid adverts to show up in search results and on targeted websites, you can bring in a huge amount of potential business. eTailThis are Google Partner certified experts in managing PPC campaigns to get the results that you want for you business.

Types of PPC Advertising

PPC adverts are usually found in three different forms. Keyword targeted adverts show up when someone searches for a particular word or phrase that you’ve set up adverts for, letting you target people searching for the services you offer, while placement targeted adverts display on sites with content that’s relevant to your keywords, and retargeting adverts show up for past users of your site.

Google Shopping and sales channels

By integrating your product feed with other sales channels like Google Shopping and Amazon Marketplace, you can reach a whole new market, showing off your deals and improving sales. The eTailThis eCommerce system lets you quickly integrate your products with major online sales channels, improving your sales and making your company far more visible.

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Key Search Engine Marketing Services


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation is a vital part of online marketing. The majority of new customers initially reach sites through search engines like Google and Bing. SEO is essentially about placing your site higher up the search listings for relevant terms, bringing in visitors interested in your services. eTailThis offers a complete SEO package, from site design to content creation and external link building.

Content Creation

Creating custom content is a major part of improving site ranking and customer conversion rates. At eTailThis we have a decade of experience in creating high quality custom content to improve the search rankings of our clients, from hotel chains to cosmetic surgeons and high end fashion stores. We can create text and visual- based content to improve any company’s visibility and sales.


Link Building

Link building is one of the more difficult parts of digital marketing for an individual to succeed in, and that’s where the experience and proven success of eTailThis can help you. Our expert link building service offers unique pieces of content to influential sites, building the reputation of your business and helping you to reduce PPC marketing costs.

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eCommerce Solutions for B2B and B2C Retailers


The eTailThis eCommerce Solution

Our eCommerce platform is part of the first complete online sales solution. Built using powerful Magento software, the eTailThis solution is based on a single product feed from every major supplier in IT, office supplies and more. You can easily stock products from any number of distributors, add in your own products, and organise your online store with eTailThis. Features like quick database population, easy catalogue management and a front end which gives your customers a completely modern purchase experience make the eTailThis system the best choice for online sales.

Complete eCommerce Convenience

Our eCommerce solution is built for complete convenience for both you and your customers. The eTailThis system simplifies every form of management, letting you quickly edit catalogues, content, product data and access customer data. Automated order processing saves you a huge amount of time and money, while ensuring that no human error occurs.

Your customers will also love the convenience our eCommerce system provides. Our search engine makes sure that they can find the products they’re looking for, with filterable searches, suggestions and more. We simplify user journeys from initial visit to purchase, improving your overall conversion rate, while our checkout system gives customers a range of payment gateway options for security and convenience.


Optimised Site Performance

Our eCommerce platform was built for absolutely maximised performance on every level. Sites built with the eTailThis system make it easy for visitors to find what they’re looking for, get the information they need and make a quick purchase. Online customers place a high value on convenience, and you’ll see people dropping out of making a purchase on every necessary step. That’s why eTailThis simplifies user journeys, making sure that your visitors make purchases. Single page checkout, shipping estimates in shopping carts and quick order fulfilment give your customers absolute convenience.

Our sites also make it easy for you to implement Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) with simple options for meta descriptions, H tags, an informative URL structure and far more. This optimisation brings your site up in relevant search engine listings, bringing in more potential customers.

For Online Resellers (B2B and B2C)

The first complete eCommerce solution on the Market

eTailThis was created to provide a single stop solution for online sales. At the moment, every company out there specialises in one or a few sides of online sales, sending businesses looking for a complete online strategy bouncing back between multiple agencies, costing valuable time and money.

We’ve solved the problem in one swoop, with an online sales package which covers everything from digital marketing to product data and eCommerce systems. With over a decade of experience at online marketing and eCommerce management, eTailThis is perfectly placed to offer a complete strategy for improving profits, visibility and customer satisfaction.

We offer three main services, letting clients choose exactly what they want, from our complete solution down to individual packages:

Our digital marketing strategies include Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay Per Click advertising (PPC), content creation and link building. We create custom digital marketing strategies based on what you want to achieve and focus on, with customisability being of high importance throughout our online sales options.

Having accurate and complete product data is important for any online store. Because potential buyers can’t see the products you offer first hand, they rely on the information you can give them about products. We’ve partnered with Open Range to give you a comprehensive and consistent product database for IT and office supplies products, ensuring that you’ll see improved sales without having to spend time writing up product information.

Our eCommerce system was built for complete convenience. Based on a single unified data feed from all the major suppliers out there, our system lets resellers choose products from every major distributor without any of the difficulty that usually comes with setting up new suppliers. We designed our system to give you complete convenience in managing and fulfilling orders, make sure that your visitors make a purchase with efficient user journeys, and far more. Explore more pages on this site to find out more about what our eCommerce system has to offer your business.

Whichever distributor, wholesaler or supplier you work with we can their merchant feeds to synchronise with your eCommerce solution. Here are some of the leading UK suppliers we already provide integration with to ensure the eCommerce store from eTailThis is kept up to date with the right pricing and stock availability:


Product Data and Catalogue Mapping Services


Product Data and Information

Giving your visitors accurate information about products is a major part of making sales online, and having access to detailed, consistent and accurate information puts you ahead of the competition. People simply won’t buy from sites that don’t have fully listed product data, and having data out there makes it far easier for customers to search your site for the products they want.

Open Range Product Data

We’ve partnered with Open Range to offer our clients a comprehensive set of product data in the IT and office supplies sectors. Open Range is the leading supplier of product information in these two sectors, with consistently laid out data mapped to unique Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) codes making for convenient integration with your site and easy updates.


Custom Product Content

As part of our digital marketing service, we offer high- quality custom content creation designed to improve your search rankings for the services and products that you offer. Custom content is a good way to set yourself aside from the competition, letting you develop an overall brand image in a way that standardised content can’t quite cover.

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